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The Dreaded Vet Visit: 5 Ways to Comfort Your Dog

Uh-oh, it's that time again. The dreaded vet visit, and Barkley will be whimpering all the way. It's days like this when you wish your dog understood English, so you could tell him, "Hey, even though scary people in white lab coats are sticking needles in you and shaving you in weird places, it's going to be okay. I'm here for you, buddy."

But since you can't offer your dog peace of mind with comforting words on the day of his Hated Trip to the Vet's Office, you can at least offer him some familiar comforts. Here are five ways to bring back the love in those fearful doggy eyes and keep that stubby tail wagging.

1. Take your fella out for an extra long walk. If a scheduled vet visit means you can't promise him a nice afternoon, at least give him an enjoyable morning of being out and about in the great outdoors. Fill his doggy mind with happy memories of blue skies, open roads, cool breezes and chipmunk chasing. He'll soon forget all about those frightening yowls he heard from the cat carrier at the vet's office!

2. Bring one of his favorite toys along. The vet's won't seem nearly as scary if your dog has something familiar to occupy him and put him at ease. Bring along a squeaky hotdog, Kong toy or other favorite toy of his, that he can play with in the car and as you sit together in the waiting room. Just don't forget to bring the toy back home with you again! You wouldn't want some schnauzer at the vet's office getting his paws on it!

3. If he's going for an overnight stay, don't forget his blankie. It's so heartbreaking to see your dog sick, confused and frightened in one of those cages at the vet's office. You know it's only temporary, but poor Jake doesn't know that! If you'll be leaving him overnight, comfort him with something familiar that smells like home... his doggie blanket, or a tee-shirt of yours that's been worn already. This way, he'll have thoughts of home and the scent of you, to help him feel safe and secure as he drifts off to sleep.

4. Don't forget the doggy treats! Chances are, your dog is probably not used to being around a bunch of unfamiliar dogs... and that visit to the vet's office is one big pet party that's sure to get him riled up and barking his head off. Bring along a little bag of doggy snacks, and slip him one every time he obeys your commands. With any luck, he'll be the best behaved dog of the bunch!

5. Lavish him with love and attention. When you return from your excursion, give him just a half hour more of your full attention. Play tug of war, wrestle on the family room rug, or take a dip together in the pool. When he's all tuckered out, feed him his dinner and tell him what a good and sweet boy he his. Scratch his belly and behind his ears, give him some big kisses and hugs, and tell him how much you love him. Pretty soon, he'll forget all about the vet's office! And so will you... that is, until you get the bill. ;)

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