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A Review of Cat Fancy Magazine

Occasionally, some of us get to do work that is totally fun and such is the case with my assignment to review Cat Fancy Magazine. My own two Bengal cats volunteered to assist with my research but in the end both of them were found sleeping on the job.

A recent issue of Cat Fancy Magazine estimated that, based on the latest surveys, there are approximately 90 million cats in the United States. Thus, it is indeed fortunate for those of us who own these 'purrfect' animals to have Cat Fancy Magazine available as our own resource. Every issue of this magazine contains delightful sections such as: Purrs and Hisses (letters from readers), the Cat Calendar (who, what, when, where), In the Mews, What's New Pussycat, and other zany sections that make reading each issue a pure pleasure. One of my favorite browse sections of the magazine is the Breeder Directory. It contains about twenty pages of information organized by breed to help anyone quickly find additional resources of interest. The Cat Clinic ? Ask the Vet section of Cat Fancy Magazine contains very important and helpful tips regarding the health of your pet.

Of course the absolute best part of each magazine issue is the surprise that comes from their monthly feature stories. Everything about cats from their ancient Egyptian history to their downtown New York penthouse dwellings is covered. Naturally, Cat Fancy Magazine features photographs of the most stunning cats in the world but it also includes the everyday house cat on an equal pawing. Practical stories such as how to save on veterinary bills and an enjoyable monthly editor's note from Susan Logan help round out the value of the magazine.

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