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Dog Potty Training: Can I Get My Dog to Stop Eating It?

Okay, so it's not the cleanest or most appealing of dog behaviors, but it is a serious problem with most dog owners ? how do I start dog potty training so that my dog stops eating poop?!

Well, there are no guarantees here, unfortunately. However, this article will detail some ideas you can try, so that your dog stops this disgusting habit.

Avoid 'It'

One of the best dog potty training methods is avoidance. Don't let your dog see anything he shouldn't be eating, and he won't. However, this is almost impossible when talking him for a walk, or really anywhere outside for that matter. For starters, at least make sure you are cleaning up after your own dog before he can get into it, and avoid places that you know are more 'infested' than others.

Keep Careful Guard

Make sure to go outside with your dog each time he needs to take a potty break. Then, you can watch him to make sure if he's decided to get into the nasty stuff. If he does, use one of the obedience commands you've taught him, and reward him for listening. For instance, if he's going for the doody, tell him to "Sit!", and reward him immediately. Then you can guide him back into the house and avoid the situation altogether. A word to the wise here, though ? try and frame what you want to say to your dog in positive terms, so he knows what's expected of him. Just saying, "No!" doesn't tell him what to do, it just tells him that he shouldn't be doing it.

Use a Leash

In addition to the tip above, use a leash to reinforce this dog potty training method when taking your dog for a walk.

Make It Inedible

There are a wide variety of ways to do this, although they can be very frustrating, since every piece of something that your dog shouldn't eat needs to be covered with it. However, if no other dog potty training methods work, try placing some bitter orange, super hot sauce or Tabasco on every 'piece' to deter consumption.


Your veterinarian may have something they can provide you with that you add to your dog's every meal to stop him from eating what he shouldn't. One product is called "For-Bid", although some people use meat tenderizer instead (just mix a little bit in before every feeding).

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