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Horse Training Creativeness: The 5th Of 6 Keys To Developing A Partnership With Your Horse

The 6 Keys To Building A Life Long Partnership With YourHorse.

Today I am going to ask you to think about being creative when playing with your horse.

I would like you to remember that when I use terms such as horse training and natural horsemanship I am actually referring to playing with your horse.

Of the 6 keys, the two most difficult to grasp are mind-set(attitude) and creativeness (imagination). Of these twocreativeness is the most difficult. This is where you needto work on your self and play with your hose. You need toALLOW your creativeness to come through. Think about whenyou were a child, how active your imagination was, and howcreative you were. As adults, we have forgotten how to useour imagination and creative powers. When playing with yourhorse it's important that you learn to use your imaginationand be creative again.

You need to challenge your self and your horse. Don't besatisfied with mediocre results. As I have mentionedearlier, there are only six things a horse can do - moveforward, backward, left, right, up and down, and there are athousand challenges for each.

An example might be, moving your horse (forward) into horsetrailer, not much of a challenge unless he hasn't beenloaded in a trailer before, but let's say he hasand is goodat loading forward, a greater challenge might be to load himby backing him in. Now you are challenging both you andyour horse.

The next time you are out riding, look for all thechallenges that are staring you right in the face.Let's say your horse won't cross a stream, butyou work at this challenge until you get him to cross. Nowwhat? How about getting him to side pass through thestream or even back through the stream. How many othercreative ideas can you come up with? Great, now you're using your imagination!

I think it's important to note that most people aregenerally looking for answers in a logical way. They wantrules and regulations and apply them to horses. Things canchange quickly when you're dealing with horses and adogmatic approach is not the answer. You need to beflexible and change as the situation dictates.

In horse training or natural horsemanship there are no rulesor regulations that fit all situations only goals andprinciples and adjustments you will need to make to fit thesituation.

Once you have the knowledge about mindset, understanding,patients, approach and equipment, then you need to put in thetime it takes to be successful. The last ingredient need,is to be creative, use your imagination to come up withadjustments to fit any situation you may be in with yourhorse.

Remember, things can change quickly when training your horse. Rather than training your horse to put up with your shortfalls, use the six keys.

Have fun with your horse(s)!


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In the next article, we will discuss the last of the 6 KeysEquipment? Having the proper equipment, understandingwhat it's for and how it's used is essential.

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