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A Cat Tale

My son and I have a cat. Her name is Princess, aka Sugar Bear or Bear. She is part Himalayan and part Siamese. I was just thinking, I rarely, if at all have ever mentioned her and I really don't know why. She is a huge part of our family and has been a great emotional support for me and Dakota. Which brings me to my next subject, emotional support animals. I have noticed that a lot of people are now obtaining animals for "emotional support" , but honestly they have always been for that purpose right, only now the law labels them as this and in most cases if you have a doctor that is willing to say you need support, your pet maybe the one to give you just that. I have had anxiety in the past and I know from experience that my pet, Bear, gives me great support and I have to give all my pets that respect . I know all pets past, present and future give me a great deal of love and affection and are devoted in ways no human would ever begin to understand.

My son has his Mini Schnauzer from when me and his dad were married and he is always with that dog, his name is Squirt. I don't think I could ever go for long without some type of pet and companion. When I was married we had the two Minis, Natasha and Squirt, we split them up after we divorced so Dakota would have a dog at each house, because he was so attached. I even have visitation rights, well David allows me to see him when I want and sometimes he brings him to my house, Squirt that is. Bear doesn't like that to well but she accepts it anyways. This cat is quite a character, every cat I have ever owned has never been the typical, independent cat. My cats always followed me everywhere, and would even take walks with me and Dakota. I kid you not, they would even walk a mile with us if we went that far. I don't know many cats willing to follow you to the front door let alone a mile, sometimes I feel like I am in that Homeward Bound movie, with the two dogs and the cat.

Dakota and bear have a great time. I swear it is like having two kids. If she isn't bothering him then he is bothering her. He can be laying on the couch and she will sneak over and get down by his head and swat him in the back of the head ,and she will be lying on the back of the couch and he will just have to grab her by the tummy or something to get her started, they play hide and seek together and I play that too. It is actually fun. Hide behind a corner and call her and she sneaks up the hall and jumps up it is sweet. I don't even always call her by name, sometimes I just say brrr like a purr and she comes running or will start meowing at me. I love her to death and Dakota loves her more than anything and is very protective of her. Even his friends have nicknamed her and play with her, but she is loyal to us. She will even growl when someone knocks on the door and I have never, ever heard of that.

When I get mad at her she reacts violently too. One day she hit me in the eye with her scratching post and I know this is mean but I said, 'freaking cat', and she ran over and swatted me on the head, I guess telling me to not yell at her, it was really funny. I had to write this, she gives me so much support and love and is devoted more so than any other cat I have known, and I am so glad we got her. She definitely is a part of this family and she is right now, sitting here under my chair as I write, maybe waiting on Bub to get home, probably waiting for me to give her a treat, either way we love her and are so glad she is family.

Vaughn Pascal

To Bub: I love you.

To Bear: We Love you too, and thanks for being so purrfect

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