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RecoveryPets.Com vs. Other Pet Registration Services

For those pet owners who do not know what a pet registration service is, or the benefits they provide, this article will try to explain these services. Pet registration is how lost pets get returned to their owners, it as simple as that. The owner of a pet registers their pet with a service provider, and the owners contact information is available if the pet ever gets lost. Now, there are many companies that offer this type of service, and we will try to compare the services of RecoveryPets.Com with other companies that offer this type of service to find the one that provides the best benefits for its clients.

The goal of registration services is to provide a location where the finder of lost pets can go the get the contact information on the pets' owner. The majority of these services use the pets veterinary vaccine number or county pet tag license number to register the clients pet. But, with this type of registration the finder does not know where to go to find the owners contact information, because the registers information is not contained on those tags. Whereas RecoveryPets.Com provides a special pet tag with a unique identification number that the pet is registered under on the tag, and the web address to where the pet owners contact information is contained, by doing this the finder has immediate access to the pet owners contact information.

The next benefit provided by these companies is the ability to provide a description and photograph of the pet, so that it can be identified when found. All services give their clients the ability to list the pets description and post a current photograph, but RecoveryPets.Com also gives them free lifetime contact information updating. This feature is very important because contact information tends to change over time, and by providing free lifetime updating service, any time their contact information changes it can be updated immediately on the website.

Contact information is the reason that pet owners register their pets with these services, and having a large selection of ways to contact the owners is vital to the safe return of a lost pet. Registration services allow the client to list their contact information, but RecoveryPets.Com gives their client the option to register up to ten contact phone numbers or email addresses. One of the advantages to this type of information being displayed is that the client's home address is not displayed, and the pets unique id number is needed to access the phone and email address information, which provides security that protects the clients confidentiality.

The last topic discussed will cover the global recognition of the service. The only way a service provider will be able to benefit their clients is to have a one-stop source for everyday people, and rescue agencies or shelters to go to get information about the lost pets owner. This should include general marketing to the average consumer, and special efforts to make rescue agencies and shelter aware of the service the register provides. Pet registration services may be the greatest tool to help owners of lost pets recover their pet, but if the service does not provide a means to alert everyone that the pet is registered with their service, it defeats the purpose of the service.

Thaddeus Collins is the owner of RecoveryPets.Com and they specialize in the global recovery of lost pets using a unique tracking number. For more information visit

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