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Reuniting Lost Pets With Their Owners

Losing a family pet can be a traumatic experience, especially on children who are close to the lost pet. But, one in three pet owners fail to take the steps needed to ensure that this tragedy does not occur in their home. These steps can be as simple as providing a pet identification tag with up-to-date contact information in the event the family pet ever gets lost, so that the finder of the pet will have a resource to contact the pet owner.

Because a majority of pet owners fail to take this step, their family pet usually ends up in a shelter, or just released to wander around. One of the biggest concerns for pet owners on the upwardly mobile move is the cost associated with constantly purchasing a pet identification tag every time their contact information changes. To alleviate this situation , a company called RecoveryPets.Com provides a pet tag with a unique tracking number that links to their website, where the owners contact information can be updated for the life of the pet.

This company provides an easy access search for lost pets, and all the finder has to do is enter the unique tracking number and the owners contact information will instantly be displayed. One of the best benefits of this service is that it provides a one-stop convenient source for those who find a pet, and those that have a lost their pet. This is accomplished by the Global Pet Listing Service, that provides a photo and description of lost pets with contact information that can be broadcast across the internet. This service is accessible by all agencies that regularly deal with lost pets, and it provides them with a way to identify the owners if they have not registered with the Pet Tracking Service.

Tracking systems for animals is nothing new, but the majority of these systems require invasive devices implanted into the animal, and a lot of pet owners opt not to have this procedure done because of the risk involved, not to mention the cost of such a procedure. Another type of tracking is pet tattooing, but if the pet is lost, trying to find a tattoo that they do not know exist defeats the purpose. The pet identification tag can be worn on the collar of most domestic pets, and it is readily identified by the majority of people who find lost pets, and it does not require any type of invasive procedures to be performed on the pet.

Finding an affordable way to recover lost pets is the wish of every pet owner if their pet should ever become lost, but an ounce of prevention as the saying goes can save the owner from the traumatic experiences that are associated with losing the family pet. With today's fast pace movements and population explosion , we do not have a chance to get to know our neighbors the way we used to, so having a means of identifying a lost pet that is affordable and recognizable can reduce the stresses associated with owning a pet who is a member of the family.

Thaddeus Collins is the owner of RecoveryPets.Com and they specialize in the global recovery of lost pets using a unique tracking number. For more information visit

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