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Hamsters Make Cute and Adorable Pets

Hamsters are soft, furry and small. They make wonderful pets because they can be entertaining and educational while living in their assigned home. Hamsters are very inquisitive and curious, just watch their twitching sniffing nose, which is constantly assessing and analyzing the environment.

The pet supplies needed for pet hamsters is minimal. A simple cage, some bedding and a running wheel make up the basic furniture. Add in some food and water and your pet will be content. Be sure to include a piece of wood for gnawing because this helps the hamster to prevent its teeth from overgrowing.

Hamsters as pets come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Pet hamsters came in many different breeds; from the Russian dwarf to the Chinese hamster.

Hamster health will be one of your main considerations because while they are durable and rugged, once ill they can sink very quickly. Healthy pet hamsters are active, curious and constantly on the go when not sleeping. These are good indication of your hamster's care: is it busy eating, running around the cage and generally alert and active? If so, you have a healthy pet that will last for a long time.

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