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Secret Signal That Tells You Your Dog is Ready and Eager to Learn

No one knows your dog better than you, and as such you will findyour dog has ways of telling you, it's time to play. This canoccur by him bringing you the collar you use while training or hemay run back and forth to the front dog around training time.

Different times of the day and evening, We find it's best toPractice commands at different times of the day and evening asyour dog gets better and more adapt at learning.

The best way to motivate your dog to learn

Your dog LOVES to please you, as such when your dog does what youwant him to do praise him HEAVILY and use high tones a lot ofrubbing and food reward. This will ensure that your dog will lookforward to learning

Different body positions while issuing command

Does your dog really fully understand a given command? Try givingthe command when you're in a different position than usual. Forinstance, if you are sure your dog understands the command"Stand", try issuing the "Stand" command (from a sit or down):

A) While you're lying down on the floor, stomach side down.

B) While you're on the sixth rung of a ladder.

C) While you're one flight above or below your dog, each of youlocated at the opposite ends of a staircase.Different levels of volumes and different tones of voice

Try issuing commands to your dog in several different volumes(whisper, quiet, moderate and loud) and different tones of voice(squeaky, in a low voice, grumbly, singing, etc.).Disappearing after issuing commandGive a command your dog knows well, and then go out of sight for3 minutes. Does your dog remain in position until you return andrelease him or her?

What 3 Things you should never do when training your dog

1)Never correct the dog by hitting,
2) never use the same command to mean 2 different things
3) never train the dog when you are in a bad mood or not feelingwell

Who do dogs mind better, men or women?

Dogs do not have a preference they love their masters equally ifmale or female what they do respect however is consistency incommanding. It keeps them from getting confused.

Disappearing before issuing command

First, try standing behind your dog, facing away from him, whengiving a command. Use a mirror when possible to watch your dog.Then give your dog a "Sit-Stay" command, and then go out of sitefor 1 minute (i.e.: into the next room where your dog can't seeyou). Then, while still out of your dog's sight (but withinhearing distance), issue a command for your dog to "Down".

The one mistake you mustn't make

Never ever hit your dog.

What every dog must have when left at home alone

1) Plenty of water
2) Food
3) His toys.

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