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Acknowledging Referrals! What?s in It For You?

I grew up in a household where saying thank you was a code of behavior that was absolutely essential. There were simply no exceptions. A thank you note was sent immediately for any gift received or for any kind or decent action.

The Art of Saying Thank You!

I have to confess that as a young girl I thought it was unnecessary to write a thank you note since I already said thank you when receiving the gift. Yet today, I'm grateful to my parents for instilling in me the art of saying thank you. Why? Because I've come to realize that it does just as much for me when I say thank you as it does for the recipient. Not only does saying thank you with sincerity show appreciation to another for their efforts of kindness and support, but it makes the giver of the acknowledgement feel empowered as well!

Making Others Feel Valued!

Which brings me to referrals. We may think what we do in business is primarily for the money and in truth a good bit of it is, but an aspect that we overlook is that we're really all trying to make connections with people that value what we provide. Do you take the time to acknowledge the referrals you receive so that it makes the other person feel valued? Or do you simply take the referral for granted and ignore the fact that someone thought enough of you to send you a client? The point to consider is that when you acknowledge others through a note or card or show appreciation through a monetary gift, they are more inclined to refer you again. But if you ignore the referral and say or do nothing, more then likely they'll stop sending referrals.

Acknowledgement Enhances Business Relationships!

Perhaps it wasn't instilled in you to send an added thank you note or you might think it doesn't really matter, but let me assure you, it does. Saying thank you always conveys appreciation for what another has done for you and let's them know how you truly feel. I am often surprised at how few people realize what a little bit of acknowledgment can do for a business relationship. It's such a simple act, yet so many people forget to acknowledge others who have helped them along the way. And if you stop and realize it, most of us wouldn't be where we are without the assistance of others.

At the Cornerstone of Success!

Acknowledging another is in fact at the cornerstone of success and is an important element to both feeling good and conveying professionalism. But bear in mind a thank you should not be a canned expression of gratitude, but instead should be a genuine response to those who have made a difference in your life. By sincerely acknowledging a person who has sent you a referral you are in fact making a contribution to their happiness. How, you may ask? We all need to be acknowledged and when expressing gratitude and appreciation for an unsolicited act, you are showing that person that they matter. In turn, you feel good for making someone else feel good. Saying thank you to someone who has helped you in business is critical to your success because acknowledgment in some form or another is at the root of why we do things.

Don't take referrals for granted. The next time you receive a referral from someone, take the time to say thank you. Not only will you feel good when you extend yourself, but acknowledging and following up on referrals is in fact the number one trait of successful people. Show your appreciation to those who send you referrals in some tangible way. You can send a note, buy them a coffee card or give them a small percentage of what you earned through the referral. Remember every person that comes to your through a referral is helping your business grow. And showing your appreciation through a note or small monetary gift will go a long way in your efforts as a successful businessperson as well as a successful human being.

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