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Dreams Do Come True

Experience has made a lot of folks to consider dreams to be fantasies, unattainable, galaxies away from reality.

Some folks believe dreams do come true.

Dreams do actually come true, if you believe they do. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

However, in this group are those that believe that their dreams will come true somehow, some day. Tomorrow takes on a magical quality. A day where all your troubles will be over, all your prayers answered. They don't need to lift up a finger and do anything. By some stroke of fate, or a chain of events orchestrated by providence, their dreams will simply come to pass. All they need to do is hope, and pray.

Still within this group exists a pragmatic minority, who dream, and do something about it.

Most dreams come to pass when you are awake. That is, you roll up your sleeve and do something about it.

Why are your dreams still a mirage? It is because you are still asleep. If you remain sleeping, your dreams can only come to pass in the land of nod. It vaporizes with the rising of the morning sun. What stares back at you when you awake is your good old everyday reality.

The best way to get to the filed of your dreams is to have a plan, and implement it. A plan is the bridge to your dreams. A lot depends on where you are heading, but one thing is universal. Wherever you are headed, the best way to get there is to get your butt off the sofa and start doing something, taking one step at a time.

The dream is yours. You are not in a race. You can take it at your pace, one little step after the other. The most important thing is to start, and keep moving.

"If you cannot fly, run
if you cannot run, walk
if you cannot walk, crawl
by all means, keep moving"
-Martin Luther King Jnr.

There is something almost magical about commencing the journey to your dreams. Each new day, you start getting closer to where you are heading, and farther away from where you started. It begins to look do-able. It is a heady feeling. Small successes along the way spur you on. With focus and persistence, you rise up each time you fall. Before long, streaks of light begin to appear at the end of the tunnel. Midnight is over, overtaken by the dawning of a bright new day. The finish line looms into view. With a fresh burst of strength, you hit the home run.

Dreams do come true. All you need to do is, wake up, clear your eyes, work out a plan, and just do it. When you are well on your way, it is no longer a matter of if, but when. You will get there?

Bon voyage.

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