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Careful What You Wish For...

I have always been fascinated by the concept of "wishing.", especially "collective wishing." If enough people wish for the same thing, does it make it happen? For instance, humans probably always wished that they could talk to each other without having to "go there" physically. Perhaps the invention of the telephone was actually the result of a long-standing collective wish from days of the caveman. From the long lensed perspective of human history, the telephone, which literally manifests far away voices into thin air, truly is a magical object.

There are two very interesting best-selling books available about the subject of wishing. One of them is "Be Careful What You Pray For ... You Just Might Get It' by Larry Dossey and the other is "Wishing Well" by Paul Pearsall, Ph.d.. Both deal with the subject of manifestation.

Wishing Well is more of a how-to book that explains the proper way to wish. The authour talksabout such basics as "not wishing too hard", "not making selfish wishes" and "wishing for the essence of a thing, rather than the thingitself."This is white witchcraft 101 whitewashed with New Age sensibilities; Harry Potter for adults.

Making a negative wish can function like a curse. Pearson says that much of the crap brought upon us in this civilization is the result of collective negative wishing. This got me to thinking about John F. Kennedy Juniour's plane crash a few years ago. For generations now, people have been aware if the so-called Kennedy curse. Was it the mass belief in this curse, a form of negative wishing in itself, that finally brought down JFK's plane? Is it something that we all, subconsciously, thought should happen?

According to both authours, wishes are strengthened when they are the result of a group desire and good intentions. However, when a group begins to wish negatively, from a place of hatred, jealousy or desire, then the wish usually manifests the opposite effect. I remember as a little kid, being more than well aware of the power of this kind of wishing. I use to wish for the opposite of what I wanted or wish the same thing for another (for example: "I wish my little sister would get an ice cream cone" and then I would end up with what I wanted in the first place.

I think I subconsciously knew that a selfish wish would get me the opposite. I might even be taunted by the sight of other children eating ice cream cones Another principle of wishing is "wishing overkill." Wishes come true if they are more likea little nudge --done in a simple way, without anxiety and done from theheart. A well-done wish is comparable to the flapping of the butterflywings in Brazil causing a tornado in Florida. Apparently if you gently nudge the universe with yourthoughts, you're in luck. You have to be part of the universal state ofharmony. If you interrupt this balance with an explosion of will, determinism, selfishness and passion, then you often experience a lashback and see the opposite come into effect. This is similar to witchcraft's 3X3X3 rule: whatever you send out comes back to you. It also explains why disasters seem to escalate and the persistence of Murphy's Law.

Another important principle, brought up by both authours is the principle of "like attracts like". If you are in a state of anxiety and wishing for "more serenity", you are more than likely to find your self surrounded by anxious people who are also wishing for serenity or in a state of even more anxiety. Stating that you lack something actually reinforces its lack. Combine this with the principle of resonance, where a wish in reinforced by the number of people thinking the same thing, than it really makes you start thinking that group negative wishing is actually responsible for many of the ills in the world.

The next time you make a wish, wish well. Wish for the best thing to happen for all concerned and don't be attached to the outcome. When you wish upon a star, it DOES make a difference who you are ...

Finally, I am Queen of My Domain!

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