Golf Practice Equipment Can Pave The Way For Better Golf

There is a great deal of equipment on the market today that can help you make your practice time more efficient and effective. Many people believe that simply getting out on the course and playing more often will make them a better golfer. Without effective practice, however, you could just be making the same mistakes again and again without actually improving your game.

Effective practice has been proven to improve golf scores. Consider the prisoner of war who spent years in a POW camp. Each day he played a perfect game of golf in his head, visualizing every hole, every swing, and every putt. He concentrated on playing perfectly. When released from prison years later, he got onto the golf course for the first time and shot the best game of his life. Mental imagery in itself can be a powerful tool.

Beyond your mind, you can find plenty of practice equipment that will help your game. If you want to improve your swing, consider purchasing a net to swing the ball into. Even a small backyard can become your own personal driving range. If you want to practice your swing but aren't interested in a net, you can purchase a swing practice aid that includes a tethered ball, so you can hit the ball as you normally would, but it will just swing on its tether. You can also buy practice balls that are lightweight and will not travel far even when hit with a powerful swing.

If chipping is where your game needs help, take a look at chipping nets. Many of these are adjustable so you can make the angle as simple or as challenging as you like.

For putting a simple cup to putt into can do the trick, or you can include mats that provide you with diverse putting experiences, such as different grades and angles. A putting track can help you monitor how straight your putt is as you monitor the ball's progress through the track.

As with most everything, you can find computerized gadgets not available to golfers a number of years ago. You can purchase practice aids that will measure the tempo of your backswing, topswing and downswing, and help you determine your ideal swing tempo. The Synca-Swing® attaches to your club shaft and measures your swing timing and clubhead speed for you. Pick up a BreakMaster digital green reader and you'll learn to understand exactly how your putt will break.

Golf practice equipment can be a very important part of your overall progress with your game. However, never underestimate the importance of your body and its ability to create its own advantages by addressing your individual strengths and weaknesses. When your focus becomes on self improvement beginning with your physique, then the training aids and equipment will be all the more useful. By using practice equipment regularly, monitoring your progress, and making a commitment to improve physically, you can be an excellent golfer in no time!

Susan Hill is a nationally recognized golf fitness trainer, CHEK golf biomechanic and sports nutrition specialist. For more information on golf specific nutrition, exercises or stretches, visit

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