Fitness For Golf Is The New Gold Standard

Golf fitness has never been considered as important to one's enjoyment and success in the sport as it is today. The erroneous concepts and opinions of old (golf is not a physical game? golfers don't need to worry about fitness or nutrition?) are dying away in favor of the realization that fitness is paramount to performing well and golfers simply play better when they're in better shape.

Today's golf experts realize that it is much more than Twain's "good walk, spoiled" assessment of the sport. Nearly every pro playing golf today works with a personal golf fitness trainer. Many of them are stationed in areas of the country where they can have easy and quick access. Many trainers make themselves available on a more consistent basis by traveling the tour with their players.

Go to any well known golf school and you'll find a fitness component factored into the daily regime. Long gone are lavish meals, late night snacks and over indulgence at restaurants on tour. Today's players are making healthier choices in their meals ? especially prior to playing.

Fitness for Golf is the new golf standard for tour playing professionals. Be sure to fitness and a regular golf exercise program as one of the weapons in your arsenal of competitive play.

Susan Hill is a nationally recognized fitness trainer, CHEK golf biomechanic and sports nutrition specialist. For more information on golf specific nutrition, exercises or stretches, visit

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