Where And How To Get Information For Your Newsletter And Ezines

With the rapid expansion and diversion of commerce, manufacturers, career seekers and even hobbyist move into more and more specialized areas of endeavor, there is an increase need for more information. Newsletters and ezines are the high profit way to cash in on that market for specialized information. This means any profitable newsletter or ezines must have valuable information and of renewable sources information.

A valuable and endless source of getting materials to feature in your newsletter or ezines is from the article resource sites. They maintain large archives of many topics. I don't think there is an article you can't get there. Writers always submit their articles there so it can be printed electronically or in print media. Interviews are important source to get vital information too.

If you can't contact people in high positions, such as presidents or directors, their assistants can be just more than valuable in acquiring information. Your associates and colleagues are the prime source of undercurrents in the field you write about. Renew and make new contacts- they will be valuable for getting information. If there are any correspondents you can use in other country for facts, make use of them perhaps you can work out a financial arrangement with an insider for important information you want to include.

Don't overlook the workers, or the participants. An employee might describe the wonders of a new machine; an athlete may praise some new technology. A good phone voice can reach out to them, you don't need to travel to these people.

Do you know that some secretaries often know more details than their bosses do! Some of them usually don't have anything to hide. Their knowledge can make the pages of your newsletter or ezines rich. Follow up on the articles presented in the trade publications.

You might be able to use some in depth aspects of the same topics they publish. You can talk to the people they interview.

Perhaps you can argue some controversial topic and get someone to present a different opinion. Though newsletter is a personal forum, does not mean your opinion of anything needs to be narrow minded or egoistic. Avoid this so you don't lose subscribers. Conventions, seminars and trade shows are gold mine for information.

Everyone who displays or attends these meetings is interested in the subject. You could virtually interview everyone and get an overview of the industry. They will be willing to talk to you.

If you are working with a sports topic, meets and events are the place you need to be. Interview the organizers of these events. Talk to the broadcasters they have a lot of background knowledge.

You must be able to tenure events regularly in the newsletter.

Check out to see where the people who subscribe to your newsletter stay what events happen in their towns? If you are writing about industry, where are the main manufacturing plants? Have their local print media written about public opinions about those plants, such as pollution, high employment and industrial safety?

Ninety percent of the means of extracting information you need is based on interview. But be honest with you that "ain't easy" easy. Its only going to be easy for you unless you have the qualities it takes because these people you talk to could be snobs or the hard to get type.

These are your commandments?

  • Thou shall be tolerant,

  • Thou shall be patient,

  • Thou shall be punctual with your appointments and

  • Thou shall be polite and take one question at a time.

    These approaches worked for thousands of newsletter publishers so it can work for you! Don't be left out!

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