The Danger Of Hate

As you have shown an interest in starting a business of your own it would be safe to assume that you want to changeyour life. You want more money - more control over yourlife - more respect. But just as we each have a dream, wealso have a reality.

Unfortunately for most people, the reality bears no similarity whatsoever to the dream. In many cases, thedream exists as an escape from the reality.

Think now of YOUR reality - the life you lead every day.What do you do? How do you feel as you awake? Do you haveany enthusiasm for your way of life? Do you enjoy your work, or are you on welfare? Then ask yourself thisimportant question: Do you resent having to live this way?

If you answer 'yes' to that question, then you are in danger of succumbing to the most destructive human emotion - Hate.

If you hate the life you live, the people you deal with, theactions you are forced to take, then you will find yourselfrapidly rushing toward disaster. When you hate, you may as well be drunk! You no longer function in a creative manner. Your mind is geared toward destruction. Instead of aimingto create a new life for yourself and those you love, youwill become obsessed with the act of revenge.

The more that you hate the people and situations around you, the more your mind becomes poisoned with the purpose ofgetting even. Logical thought becomes impossible and hatethen becomes a substitute for action. You must learn NOW,to resist the urge to hate. It achieves nothing constructive and it will destroy both you and your dreams ofsuccess. As Ghandi said..."An eye for an eye just makes thewhole world go blind."

Take a good look at your way of life. Do you always have tomake do with what you have got, because you can't afford areplacement? Are you always having to put off paying billsuntil next week? Have you never enough money to enjoyyourself? Are you unhappy with the area in which you live?

You may find that you are regularly having to write a checkon Monday and hope that you will be able to cover it byThursday. Or you may just be sick of the daily grind ofearly mornings, or the regular nightshift. If most of theseapply to you, the you probably hate living this way. So nowmake a POSITIVE effort to achieve success. Only throughpositive endevour and thought will you achieve your goal.

Although your current way of life may be hard, think not how toget rid of it, but how to REPLACE it with a better way oflife. Think SUCCESS - not revenge. Assess what you resentabout your life now.

You may even resent the things that you would normallyenjoy, were your circumstances different. Occassions likeChristmas, birthdays, and Easter can can be trying timeswhen you have no money to spend. Children don't understandthe restrictions of a tight budget, and it can cause greatdistress to a parent who is unable to give his child thegift, or day out, that they would like. Now imagine thedifference in these circumstances when you have achievedsuccess and you are wealthy.

There is no harm in imagining the difference your wealthwill make to your lifestyle - but approach itlightheartedly.

Say to yourself: I will work to be a success so that I cantell my boss where to stick his job! And so I can see thelook on the Bank managers face when I tell him not to botheroffering me overdraft facilities anymore! This attitude ispositive, but don't hate the way things are, or the peopleit involves. That would only make things worse. You willhave plenty of time to reflect on your past when you arewealthy!

These things that make you miserable and depressed will beall behind you when you put the secrets of success to work.Imagine life without all these trying times. You will beable to enjoy Christmas, and give your kids what they want.That squillion function, water-resistant, solar-poweredgizmo (that they ALWAYS wanted) will be a drop in the oceanto you!

Many of the people who buy books on starting a businessactually don't bother starting up. They can't imaginethemselves ever running their own business and earningUnlimited amounts of money. They never see things howthey CAN be - only how they are. Don't make this mistake!KNOW what you want, KNOW how to get it, SEE how it WILLbe, and then go for it!!

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