What Online Millionaires Tell Me They Are Worried About

I just arrived back from the best seminar I have ever attended in the last 10-years.

There were more "Underground" millionaires at Yanik Silver's"Underground" seminar than I've ever had access to at one time ever!

Upon arrival, we had to sign Non Disclosure Agreements, andfor very good reason. These high money earners are all makingtheir fortunes from a wide variety of markets - but are NOT selling products to the get rich crowd.

On the marketing side, we had Corey Rudl - the role model that I followed to break free into doing what I love. Corey's a millionaire many times over.

Then there were the big names such as Dan Kennedy, Jim Edwards, Phil Wiley, Rosalin Gardner and of course, Yanikhimself.

I was amazed though - these guys were actually taking notes,buying products and networking with these other "Underground"marketers.

Two MAJOR things that came through loud and clear from thisseminar - essential for your own success online:

1. These BIG money earners were earning fortunes off of manydifferent business models (affiliate marketing, infoproducts,membership sites, Google Adsense, portal sites...). It'sclear that there is no SINGLE online business model you have to follow to be successful. There are many to choose from.Action becomes the real difference between these guys/gals success and all others who just dream.

2. There was not 1 SINGLE big money earner that was earninghuge profits from affiliate programs or advertising that didnot (or did not plan to) create their own information productsin their field. I talked with some of thesse millionaires privately - some of them were very concerned (even SCARED) byANY business model that put the control of their fortune inthe hands of someone else.

It was easy to see that creating your own information productis a CRITICAL piece to making and keeping the profits flowinginto your online business.

You build your brand, you create leveraged income (a few weeksof development leads to years of sales), you generate leads, you bundle and earn more profits, you can license and earn even more and MOST important. You control your product - itcannot be taken away from you.

It makes sense when you think about it.

Say you build your business model on creating hundreds of sitesand earning big money by putting Google Adsense ads on the pages. Later this year, Google decides to change the rulesof the game (you all know they've done this many times before)and your income drops by 80% overnight!

That's ok if you have other business models that continue to chug along, not so good if that's all you have.

So get started on your own product today. It can be a 20-pagereport, 80-page ebook, 45-minute teleseminar, 10 page minicourse,or a variety of other formats - the key is that you must startpublishing now!

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