E-book Security Anxiety

You are not alone. Tons of people are nervous that their e-book will be stolen and put on the black market (hmm, or the cyber black market, I guess you'd call it). Now, stealing is never right or fair, but in this case theft means one good thing, at least they have heard of you! Cyber thieves or not, they know your name and think your knowledge is coveted enough to steal (again, I do not condone this, but there is always a bright side, right?)

There are a few measures you can take to safe-guard your work from wholesale theft. If you use a good shopping cart system, the download links that your customers get to your e-books are good for only 24 hours. This will help prevent someone from posting the link on a discussion board, which would allow an unimaginable amount of people to download your work for free.Another idea is to put links to your web pages inside of your e-book. This is done often and is perfectly acceptable in this form of publishing. You can jam pack your work with links that will take readers directly back to you. That way, if your book does fall into someone's hands illegally, they will still end up back on your site anyway.

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