Natural Treatment for Depression - Is There An Alternative?

Many people who are suffering from mild to moderatedepression, are choosing to either forego drugs entirely,or to supplement the minimum dosage their doctor willprescribe, with natural treatment for depression.

This can include a number of lifestyle alterations, andeven herbal treatment for depression. The choices areentirely up to the patient, who as always, should consultwith their physician before undertaking any regimen ontheir own.

One of the first things that Naturopaths will look at for aclient suffering from depression, is dietary deficiencies. They may ask you to have blood tests that will measurelevels of such things as the B complex vitamins in yoursystem. These have been identified as some of the vitaminsthat figure largely in natural treatment for depression.

Of course, a balanced, healthy diet is of prime importance.Next, comes vitamin supplements, with an emphasis on thoseyour body is lacking.

Add to those things, a good exercise program consisting ofat least three "aerobic", or concentrated sessions ofexercise a week. This can not only reduce stress, but burnoff the adrenalin that comes with anxiety. Exerciseproduces natural endorphins as well.

With your doctor's approval, you can also try some of theherbal treatments for depression, but only if they areaware of what you are taking, in order to check forcontraindications against any other medications you mightbe on.

St. John's Wort is the herb cited most frequently fortreatment of depression, but the amount to be taken canvary greatly between patients, from as little as 300mgdaily to as much as 2700mg. This is where consultation withyour doctor and a Naturopath can help.

Some studies have also show that Gingko Bilboa isbeneficial, as are herbs specific to treatment of "femaleproblems", such as PMS, menopause, and post nataldepression.

If natural treatment for depression is the path you want tofollow, get the very best advice you can, and get yourselfback on the road to good mental health.

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