The Margin Advantages of Trading FOREX.

There is one aspect that is considered as one of the best advantages of FOREX Trading. This is related to the amount of money you need to place a trade, this is known as "margin", and in short, this is all that can be lost in a the case you had a bad trade.

I state it like this because, even though I know withproper self-taught education you're NOT going to lose asmuch as you win anyway, I want you to know that despite thesuper-high leverage associated with FOREX trading (200:1 ispossible; meaning that if you put up $1 the trading vendor willallow you to trade like you really have $200), it's stillarguably less risky than futures (commodities) trading. And, forget stocks, you'll never get this type of LEVERAGEin the equities market.

Futures markets are often prone to sudden and dramaticmoves, against which you can not protect yourself, even bytrading with protective stops. Your position may beliquidated at a loss, and you'll be liable for any resultingdeficit in the account. But because of the FX markets deepliquidity and 24-hour, continuous trading, dangerous tradinggaps and limit moves are eliminated. Orders are executedquickly, without slippage or partial fills. And finally,there are no margin calls -- for your protection, ALL ourrecommended brokers will automatically close out some orall of your open positions if your account equity fallsbelow the level required to hold the positions. Think ofthis as a final, automatic stop, always working on yourbehalf to prevent a debit balance. In fact, if you pick fromour list of recommended brokers, we guarantee that you willnever lose more than you have in your FOREX account.

Omar Vargas; Forex trader and freelance writer.

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