How to Grab the No.2 Spot on Amazon for Advance Book Sales

When my first book was published way back ten years ago, I thought that was it.

I reckoned I'd never write another one.

But I was wrong.

It has enjoyed many reprints, multiple editions, and proceeded over the years to generate another seven disparate titles from the same topic.

And now to mark a decade in print the 4th edition of 'Starting Your Own Business' - How To Books ISBN 1845280709 ? is set for publication on April 29th 2005.

But here's an amazing thing?

This yet to be released book is already standing at No.2 on solely on advance orders! Check it out for yourself using keyword phrase 'starting your own business'.

Does the ability to churn out niche non-fiction bestsellers revolve exclusively around any of these factors?

- Brilliant writing

- Super-intelligence

- Inside information


They are all useful attributes but none of them will cut the mustard on their own.

Nor is there an exclusive focus on?

- The intrinsic nature of the topic

- Expertise in pre-publishing techniques

- Who you know or what you know

So what does it require?

It requires a mindset based on a series of unique all-encompassing strategies which you can read about if you take time out to visit the website listed in the resource box below.

Oh, and one other thing...

You must always incorporate into your writing a mystery ingredient that guarantees success for every project you undertake.

Can you guess what?

Jim Green is a bestselling author with an ever-growing string of niche non-fiction titles to his credit. View his output at

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