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Interviews with Well-Known Ezine Writers #1: - Bob Leduc

MS: Bob, how important have Ezine Articles been inachieving your success in online business?

BL: Very important! Most of what I learned 6 or 7years ago about doing business on the Internet camefrom articles written by others already workingonline. Today, most of my new customers and clientsare generated by the articles I write.

MS: How long have you been writing Ezine Articles andwhat are the main topics that you write about in yourEzine Articles?

BL: I've been writing Ezine articles for 5 years and Imainly write about Marketing and Sales

MS: Bob, amongst all the promotion techniques you use,how important are Ezine articles?

BL: 1st a large margin

MS: Are there other techniques you use?

BL: Yes. I also do off line promotions by postcard.

MS: Bob, what sort of articles have you had mostsuccess with? In your experience, what kind ofArticles are most in demand?

BL: "How to" articles about how to find more prospectsand customers or how to close more sales. I've beenvery successful at building my own business andhelping other business owners build theirs. I writeabout the things I learned and use ...and tailor mywriting specifically to help other small businessowners.

MS: Some Ezine Writers promote a product or service intheir Resource Box, while others aim only to get asubscription to their free Newsletter. What would youradvice be for getting maximum results from yourResource Box?

BL: Both methods are effective. To generate themaximum response the byline must offer the reader anenticing benefit.

MS: What have you found to be the most effective waysof getting your Articles published?

BL: Building my own list of publishers who requestedarticles from me.

MS: Apart from getting your Articles published inNewsletters, are there any other ways you use yourArticles to promote your website? (such as turningthem into a free E-Book)?

BL: A few of my articles are in eBooks. 32 of them arecompiled into a print publication titled, "How ToBuild A High-Profit Business On A Low-Impact Budget"(

MS: Bob, is there any particular program or software thatyou find especially useful as an Ezine Writer?

BL: Yes. 2 programs:

#1. MS Word. I use this word processor to write my articles. I created a template with the formatting I want for writing articles. The built in word count tool helps me control the size of an article as I write. Then I can save the article as plain text with line breaks at 60 characters per line ...the format I use for submitting to publishers.

#2: I use WorldMerge by ColoradoSoft to email articles to the publishers on my list. It creates individual email messages with personalized information merged into each.

MS: It sometimes seems that everything that couldpossibly be written about has already been writtenabout. What would be your response to that?

BL: Maybe every subject was been written about. Butnot every aspect of every subject has been covered.Plus, the world is changing -- FAST. Every changecreates more things to write about.

MS: What would you say is the single most importantstyle tip for writing a good Ezine Article?

BL: Make your articles easy to read. Use simple, easyto understand words and examples. This is easy if youonly write about things you do yourself -- or thingsyou learned yourself by trial and error.

MS: And finally Bob, what would be your advice tosomeone who wants to write Ezine Articles but hasnever written for the Internet before?

BL: (1) Recognize that most of the articles you readwere written by someone just like you. (2) Choose atopic you know a lot about from personal experience...even if others already wrote articles about it.Then force yourself to start writing YOUR article onthat topic.

MS: Thank you Bob.

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