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Message to Online Writers: Dont Give Up On A Good Idea

The writing community is a strong one, with many new "members" joining daily. All theser writers are finding or looking for their particular niches. Many are looking for solid information on how to get started making money through online writing. Others use newsletters to boost their fan base, market their work or services ... you all know exactly what I'm writing about, since most of you who are reading this are in the same position.

I am one of you, one of the online writers who has been working on a niche. I found mine several years ago as a Website content writer and developer, online marketer, reviewer, article and e-book writer. And through my journey I have seen the growth of fr-ee content for e-zines (e-mail newsletters) and free article distribution. What a terrific concept!

Writers helping writers! We are among the most intellectually generous people on this planet. Writers seem to thrive on sharing and helping others. Sure, there is a certain amount of professional competition, but it's not like other professions. We reach out to help the new and untried in our business, we look at our "work" as art as well as craft. We have great jobs!

You're probably thinking, what does all this have to do with the title of this article? Here's where the subject enters ... Last year I wanted to do my part to help other online writers, so I began a small Website specifically to offer helpful free information. Both for those who wanted to read well-written and informative articles and to give new writers and marketers another resource to find quality free information for their e-zines and sites. As a Website content developer, I especially realize the importance of good, solid, quality content.

However, time became a premium commodity, and after getting the site set up and a few articles under each category, I just could not find time to keep it up. My promised helpers couldn't find time to help me maintain it, and I quickly began receiving many, many great articles that I wanted to post, but without help I simply ran out of time week after week.

I finally decided I couldn't keep it going, so I sent out a notice and announced my site was closing. And from the responses, I was surprised at how people loved the site!

With all the free content out there, there is always room for more, and fans of the site proved that to me. The last request I received to bring back the site really hit home, as it was by a very respected Website Designer/Developer, and I realized that what I'd thought was just a nice idea had been accepted on a level I hadn't expected. I had assumedmy "good idea" could just fade away and not be noticed. After all, how many sites come and go daily on the Internet ... millions? I had no idea my site would be so missed!

I learned a valuable lesson from this, and it's a lesson that really applies to life beyond the Internet. When you have an idea that is good enough to share, that inspires you, makes you smile, gives you pleasure, makes you feel motivated, don't give up on it! Find the time somewhere, make it work! Inspiration is a great gift to receive and when you have it, and share it, you are creating a strong bond. This is what makes the Internet what it is!

So, my little site has given me some realization that I do make a little difference in this big international electronic pond, and that is worth struggling to make the site work. And I want to pass this realization on to all my fellow writers and online entrepreneurs! Do what you love, keep at it, because there are many you don't even realize that are watching, benefitting and growing from your words and efforts! Keep on keeping on!

Cherie' Davidson has been working as a Web copywriter, content editor, press release writer, Web Reviewer and marketing consultant for several years. Her business, Suitable Words Publications can be found online at - she has reopened her free content Website, (, where you can get great no-cost content for your writing or Web marketing site and e-zine. You may contact her at or

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