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7 Weapons to Conquer the Giant Procrastination Keeping You from Your Book Dream

Have you been guilty of procrastinating on your book project,lately? Like the author, many writers get hung up with wrongthinking about writing and completing their books. They feel like aloser because they have stopped and started countless of times overthe years. They fail to realize you actually become a winner theminute you start moving toward your worthwhile goal. Instead theycontinue procrastinating until they give up. A client confessed shethought writing a book was too hard. Knowledge and know-how can be formed into a weapon that will destroy the power ofprocrastination. Using the 7 weapons below writers can conquer thegiant procrastination and finally realize their book dream.

Weapon #1 Do it Now!

Now is better than later. Remember you become a successful authorthe minute you start moving toward your worthwhile book goal. Idon't know anyone that regrets they wrote a book. But the authorhas met plenty of people that regret they didn't do it sooner.

Weapon #2 Invest time in designing your passion points "top marketing spots" beforehand!

Spend time on developing the passion points designed to sellmore before your book is even completed The passion points arethe title, cover, thesis, audience, benefits & features, mini salesletter written as introduction and back cover copy of each book.For example, at least half of the book's success will be on thetitle you choose.

Weapon #3 Know you don't have to be a degreed expert, greatwriter or do loads of research.

Write books you are interested in and want to learn more about. As you look for information, talk to experts and write, you becomethe expert. Find out what questions your readers will wantanswered. Organize them into categories which become your table ofcontents and eventually your chapters. Remember there areinterested readers who are waiting for your helpful information.

Weapon #4 Realize your message is significant and deserves yourattention, love and time.

Consider what your readers need and want. If your book sharessomething unique, encouraging, useful, entertaining, it isimportant enough to be written. Think about your gift? God gave youyour gift to share with others. Our gift back to God is what we dowith it. The loving care you put into your gift (book) the morerewards await you.

Weapon #5 Recognize your book will sell with your marketing efforts

It's true not everyone will want to buy your book. Yet there areplenty of your targeted audiences that will want your entertainingor helpful information. The world awaits your self-help, how-tos,business, or poetry book. When you take the time to touch theiremotions with something that benefits them, they will pull out their credit card or cash and pay the price. Top selling non-fiction topics are self- help, mysteries, parent/children, sex and romance. Remember women buy 78% of all trade books.

Weapon #6 Realize the journey doesn't have to be long ordifficult.

Invite your friends and family to brainstorm with you as peereditors. Ask for their feedback on the thesis, title and chapters -one at a time. Don't become isolated in your thinking. Opening yourwriting process up to others will give you a better feel for whatyour readers may want. Enroll in a writing and/or publishing classto elevate your thinking. Join a critique group to get feedback.Subscribe to newsletters and read articles on book writing to gettips that will help you on your journey to a successful book.

Weapon #7 Acknowledge publishing has changed and doesn't have to be too expensive, too long and too difficult anymore.

Technology has advanced the publishing process into new realms.Traditional publishing has normally taken one to two years. With e-Book and Print on Demand (POD) printing technologies, an author can see their quality looking book in print within a few months or less.

Remember if you get to some parts of the project that's beyondyour skill or know-how consider coaching and other professionalservices that will carry you over anything blocking you fromwriting, completing and publishing your successful book.

If you have been succumbing to procrastination, take a differentstrategy use the perspective and 7 weapons above to overcome any giant called procrastination keeping you from fulfilling your book dream.

Earma Brown, 10-year author, entrepreneur and book coach
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