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Check Your English Grammar With This Easy Technique

As an International language, English has been used widelyin online world. Whether you use it to write a sales letter, afollow up, ads headline, an article, and so on, youneed to use it correctly.

Now, by using search engine (Google, etc), you can check:
-typing error.
-grammatical structure.

This sort of tutorial is intended for you who have somebasics in English.

For the first example, if you want to check whether theright word is "below" or "bellow", just type the word in thesearch box.

Here are the steps:
1. Type the word "below" in the search box and click"Search".
2. When the search result appears, click a website that usesthe word to make sure that the website use it correctly.
3. Notice the search result.
4. Now, type the word "bellow" in the search box and click"Search".
5. Repeat step 2 and 3 for the word "bellow".

Here are the signals whether the word is right or wrong:

-The search result shows a list of websites that use theword. In other word, if the word is wrong, the search resultwill show nothing.

-If you find that both words have search results, notice thenumber of websites that appear and compare both words.Usually, the right word has more search results.

-Don't forget to notice what is the language of the website.For example, the word "biz" and "bizz" both have many searchresult. But only the word "biz" is used in the Englishwebsite.

Sometimes some websites have typing errors. Be cautious aboutit!

The same technique can also be applied to check a grammaticalerror.

For example, if you are in doubt which one is the rightsentence:

"The brave man swam over the river yesterday." or "The braveman swam accross the river yesterday"?

Follow the steps above, but don't forget to put the (") symbolin the beginning and in the end of the sentence, in order that Google will not cut it.

If your sentence is too long, try to cut it.

For the above example, just type "swam over the river" and then "swam accross the river".

However, you should take care in checking sentences,because not every sentence can be checked with thistechnique.

One more thing, it is very difficult if you want to checkemotions of a sentence. For example, you can not checkwhether "Would you please...?" is more polite than "Will you please...?" by using this technique.

That's why you should use English everyday on any occassion, so that you will get used to it.

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