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Why Researching Is Good, And A Failure To Do So Is Not

What a lack of research could do to you.

When creating an ebook how well do you research the topic before hand?

It's absolutely crucial that you research what problems your target market is having andwhat they're spending money on.

The time to pay attention to detail is here.

If you don't research how will you know what problems exist in your target market, whattheir recommending for products to try, pay even closer attention to the dollars involved. Hope fully they're purchasing pattern will lead into 3 digit numbers.

This is why probing for the information you need you'll be in a better position to analyzethe information to see if it's a worthwhile project to start, if not junk it.

Case in point, I recently had a young lad email me and explain he was a first time authorof a 30 pg ebook targeted at teenagers.

He realized that because his target market is teenagers and teenagers do not purchase asfrequently online as adults do that he was in a bit of a bind.

What was he to do?He'd put a bit of work into his project and knowing what he does now, he has to decidewhether to sell or give it away. He needed some positive feedback, nothing todevastating. Instead of targeting students he could alter the ebook towards another targetmarket, a market with money to spend and a hunger for his type of info product. Just alittle copying, pasting, and editing.

Praise those accomplishments:The first thing I did was congratulate him for being a first time author.

Good topic, wrong market for low income earners:The topic he was covering was actually a good topic, but he realized after the fact that hehad probably created a dud for an ebook because of the restrictions imposed on his targetmarket...lack of access to purchasing power.

What would you do in his position?

His question to me was what he should do with the ebook. He had considered giving itaway to people as an incentive for them to sign up for his newsletter, or selling the ebookat $5.00 a copy.Indication of his problems:I assumed that because he only put a price tag of $5.00 on the book that he was either notcomfortable with the content he placed in the ebook OR that he was selling himself short. I would assume the latter.


The collection of data, decision time.Once you've collected what you think is all the info required via surveys, it is now timefor the decision making process

Why researching the right way the first time will save you hair loss and disappointment:

This is why doing a thorough job in the researching part of your work is so important. Ifhe would have put a little more thought into who his target market was he wouldn't havecreated a dud for an info product.

Lack of researching is the number one mistake that most new authors make, take yourtime researching...what's the rush?

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