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Handling Your Email Addresses

--Company Email Addresses--

Web hosting companies should provide company email accounts for each person in your company. Email addresses should appear like this:

--Web Mails--

Most websites work with web mails. Web-based email enable you to access email via a web browser such as Internet Explorer. You log into your email account via the Web to send and retrieve email. You are able to access your emails from anywhere in the world and it makes checking of emails convenient and portable. Web mails for your company will most probably be accessed at

There are other forms of web mail options available such as Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Gmail.

--Email Forwarding--

Email forwarding allows you to have multiple email personalities. With email forwarding, you can setup aliases for other email accounts like forwarded to forwarded to forwarded to

It makes tracking of emails easy; especially when you have multiple email accounts to check on.

--Mailing Lists--

It will be userful if you can send out emails to a large number of users. Start up with collecting opt-in email addresses from interested parties and send monthly promotions of your business products and services. Before long, your mailing list will be your another marketing channel of your business.

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