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Publicity Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Web Site

Web sites are on my mind, since I just updated mine. Now, I am in the process of publicizing it. As my search engine marketing (pay-per-click) costs are soaring, I have been looking for ways to get free traffic to my site. Perhaps these tips from my research can help you increase traffic to your Web site:

1. Write articles in your area of expertise. Submit them to both print and online media that would be interested in printing the articles. For example, an accountant could submit an article on little known business tax deductions to various trade journals and Chamber of Commerce newsletters. An attorney could submit an article on typical real estate closing issues to real estate trade association Web sites and real estate email newsletters.

You should always include your Web site, along with your name and company name at the end of the article. That way prospects are directed to your Web site for more information.

2. Include content on your Web site that people want -- and update/add to it frequently. Offering free articles, tips of the day, or f*ree publicity opportunities (what I will be doing) gives people a reason to visit -- and keep coming back.

3. Partner with another organization. Many Web sites (mine included) offer Web site information of recommended resources (other businesses or professionals). Those same businesses can recommend you. In addition, partnering with a charitable organization (where you are the sponsor) will often result in a Web site link to your business.

Web site publicity is critical for your business, and the time and effort involved will lead to increased traffic to your site.

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