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5 Tips For Increased Website Traffic

There are lots of ways to get traffic to yourwebsite however most people are interested in gettingthe most traffic for the least amount of money, preferably for free.

While it's difficult to get anything for free nowadaysthere are still a few good ways to help build your webtraffic and still pay nothing.

1. Build a second content-rich website.

Because content is king on the internet many have adopted the idea of building a content-rich site inaddition to their original sales site.

If you set up your title, description and keywordtags carefully and find a good balance for your keyword saturation, you may be better able to achieve high search engine rankings with a site that contains only good content and information.

Once you have built your content-rich site you can then usethe content to point your viewers to your sales site.

2. Add an article page to your existing site.

By adding article pages to your web site you can once again point your readers to your sales page.

For example, let's say you have a website that sells vitamins. Set up a few article pages that reference vitamins such as a page on the benefits of vitamins, how to take vitamins, the effects of vitamins, etc. Allow each of the articles to reference links to your sales page.

This can be a very effective sales tactic because you'veattracted the attention of someone interested in your topic. If they read your article and like what they've read they're more apt to check out your links and you'veincreased your chances of making a sale.

Also, with proper meta tags and keyword usage, an article page is much more likely to make it to the top of a search engine listing than a sales page.

3. Submit your articles

Any articles that you write should be submitted to asmany sites that accept articles as possible. This isimportant because sites that accept and include your articles in their article banks establish links for you and you are not obligated to reciprocate.

4. Build your links through reciprocal linking

By establishing reciprocal links you are verifying to the search engines that you have credibility. If high ranking sites link to your site then the search engineswill find you worthy of high ranking as well.

Find sites that rank well and request a link exchange.This can be done manually or you can purchase linkingprograms that will automate this for you. Either wayspend a few weeks focusing on creating quality linksand you will soon see your link ratings go up as well.

5. Join and participate in online forums.

The internet is full of discussion forums that cover hundreds of business and non-business topics.

Find a forum in your topic and look over the discussions. Ask questions, contribute your expertise and get to know some of the forum members. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet others and introduct yourwebsite. It also helps build trust while helping you learn how others have found success.

Elizabeth McGee has spent 20 years in the service and support industry. She has moved her expertise to the world wide web specializing in affiliate sales.Elizabeth remains dedicated to helping businessesfind trusted tools, enhance customer service, build confidence and increase sales. You can visit Elizabeth's sites at:

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