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Free Traffic Course - Day 2

This is the 2nd day of "Free Traffic Course" and it will explain how you can save much time and efforts on looking for the targeted joint-venture partners and affiliates for your web site.

Today you will learn:

- what are the benefits of joint-venture and affiliate partnership;

- how you will be able to find the best keywords that are related to your niche and what profit potential these keywords will give you;

- how you can automate your work for searching the most successful joint-venture partners and affiliates in your niche;

- how to automate your business relations with joint-venture partners and affiliates;


- how all these actions will give you free targeted web site traffic.


From the 1st day of "Free Traffic Course" you already know what is a niche, what is the role of niche in any business, especially online business. Today we will speak a little about niche, but from the perspective of GETTING niche-targeted web site traffic.

If you have a web site, you need targeted traffic for it. And if you do not have much money for Google ads, you will need to do a time-proven online marketing trick - motivate those who have your niche targeted web site traffic to bring targeted visitors to your web site.

You see, this is the beauty of online: you can turn competitors turn into your loyal allies. Both you and they will profit from this cooperation. Let's have a look at one example. Imagine you sell nice Italian shoes made under unique methodology - the shoes are one-of-the-kind. You can reach other web sites that sell Italian shoes as well - if there is any difference between your shoes in terms of style and production technique, no longer you are online competitors. You can make each other richer.

So, you have your own database of clients, your "competitor" has as well. You can say, "Hi there, shoe web site owner. What would you say about making your shoe collection bigger? Or would you like to get additional clients for the shoes you already sell? You will profit from both two variants!"

Such an offer is called a joint-venture offer. You promote the shoes of "competitor" to your clients. If they buy something, you get your affiliate commissions for it. You made no product, just advertised the product of your "competitor" and made money from it.

And your "competitor" can do the same: promote your shoes to the client base and share your profits. Well, on every shoe you will make less money as you will share commissions 50-50. But you will get highly-targeted traffic from your niche and will sell MORE.

You see, even if your product or service is about 100% the same, you still can benefit from joint-venturing with others in Internet.

Now, just a few words about affiliates. Phew, affiliates are a big help for getting real web site traffic. You set some rewards for your affiliates (usually commissions), and they do the job for you. They bring you targeted visitors, get commissions, and you uplift your sales.

So, you got the idea how others can help you to get targeted web site traffic. But now a big question emerges.


The safest technique is to submit the keywords from your niche to the search engine, go through the first 100 top web sites and contact their owners with your affiliate/joint-venture partnership offer.

But just imagine how much time you will lose on it! Hours!! And not all contacts will be successful.

This is when Free Traffic System starts helping you. You will need one of the modules of this system called "Spider". Look what Free Traffic System spider will automatically do for you.

You submit just one keyword from your niche, set parameters if necessary (we'll talk about it little later) and the spider starts searching for the most successful potential affiliates and joint-venture partners in your niche.

Look how spider works. Spider searches the web sites in all search engines indicated by you (just tick the check box). Spider catches the top 100 (or 1000 or as much as you set) web sites in their meta data and description - if the web site matches your keyword - it saves the web site keywords in a specified file and goes further.

You wait for a while, and the spider give the best of the best. Web sites of toppers with their URLs, page rank, their keywords and other necessary info. You can use the keywords of your top competitors: if they are on the top, use their keywords to get to the top with search engine results as well.

But this is only the first step. You have to contact your partners and affiliates. Spider helps you here as well. You choose its option to find emails and real names of your partners, click the button and spider gets them for you. You can save web site, keyword, name and e-mail data to a special file or (which is better) to another module of Free Traffic System that manages mailing procedures.

In this mailing module you write your offer letter to partners or affiliates, or use the letter templates of Free Traffic System to create the letter and click send. This is all: Free Traffic System will make everything for you. You just get the answers and choose those offers that fit your business. Now, please make a simple calculation of what Free Traffic System has done for you almost automatically:

1. Free Traffic System Searched the web sites and found the most fitting to your keyword.

2. Free Traffic System Helped you to find more keywords that are related to this topic.

3. Free Traffic System Found the keywords that top web sites are using to get their high search engine status and gave you these keyword.

4. Free Traffic System Found the contacting data for the real people on these web sites.

5. Free Traffic System emailed all these people.

Maybe for 10 web sites this is not a hard task, but for 1000 web sites this job may take weeks. Do you see how much time and efforts Free Traffic System saved you?

And that was just one module from the system. Oh, sorry, two modules: you also used the mailing manager.

After doing all this job, you will just say "Yes" or "No" to the most niche-targeted affiliates and joint-venture partners. If they agree, you can use other modules of Free Traffic System to run business with them: track the effectivity of their work, exchange links, maintain the correspondence, etc. But these will be the topics for new days of "Free Traffic Course".

You can immediately learn more about the modules and features of Free Traffic System on the web site:

Or wait a little and get 3rd day of "Free Traffic Course" to be at full arms with traffic issues.

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