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7 Tips for Using Your FAQ Pages to Generate Free Traffic

FAQ pages are an often overlooked way to generate free traffic to your website. Many people don't realize the potential they have. Here are seven tips for using your FAQ page for traffic.

1. Put each question, and answer to that question on a seperate keyword rich page. By doing this you are developing content for your website that is on topic, search engine friendly, and easy for the visitor to find, both from your website and in the search engines.

2. Research keywords people are using to find information on the topic of your website, these are the FAQ's you should be answering as well as the questions asked by your customers. Many times it is easier to rank well in the search engines for these terms. Answer common questions on the topic of your website, not just questions about your product.

3. When doing your keyword research use phrases like "how to", "learn", and other phrases a person might use when looking for information on a specific topic.

4. Put the chosen keyword people are using to search for your topic in the title of the page, and naturally within the body of the page. Make the page simple with little or no graphics and a link back to both the index of your FAQ and your home page.

5. Use keyword rich link text to link to your individual FAQ pages. Link text will help any page to rank higher in the search engines

6. Make an index page with a link to all the FAQ pages you have created. This would like a little mini site map for both the visitor and the search engines to index your FAQ pages.

7. Use keyword rich link text to link to your FAQ index page. For example if your website is on the topic of SAearch Engine Optimization you could use "SEO Terms and FAQ's" for your link text instead of just FAQ's.

Everyone should have a FAQ or "terms" page to help bring in traffic that is searching for your topic. FAQ pages also provide valuable content for website visitors who are looking for information on a specific topic, or a term related to that topic.

Leah J. Bradshaw is the author of the Free Targeted Traffic Report; "Jumpstart Your Traffic in as Little as 10 Days". She also authors a Moms Free Traffic Blog to help work at home moms get free traffic.

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