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Increase Your Web Site Traffic With Link Building

Looking for a way to increase traffic to your web site? More traffic to you web site can increase sales and advertising revenue. Once your web site is completed, the actual costs of running the web site are very minimal. The challenge now is to get more visitors to your web site. You can purchase PPC (Pay per Click) but that can add up very quickly. If you are paying 10 cents a click, and you get 100 people clicking per day, your costs just went up $10. Now multiply that by 30 days and you are spending at least $300 just for clicks. Out of all those people clicking, very few will purchase anything and your advertising dollars are not working very well.

However, there are some options that will not cost anything but will require some work.

First thing is to list your website at a free web directory, such as (wide-world-directory) and then seek out other directories that will list you web site for free. This starts producing backlinks (links from other web sites to your web site).

The more links, the higher your web site will rank when someone is searching on of the search engines like Google. When creating links, you do not want the text in the link to say your website. You want the text to be keywords about your web site.

Another option is to use a blog and write articles that are related to your web site. Put a link on the side of the blog. If you provide good content, the search engines will spider your site and again, the link will help with popularity.

James Hendrix has been putting people in business on the Internet since 1996. He has experience with web hosting, development, marketing and search engine optimization.

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