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Spam eMails Are Not Just Annoying - They Are A Main Distributor Of Viruses

Why is someone from India, Africa, or elsewhere writing you for information about your bank account with shady promises of depositing thousands of dollars within? (Many, many people have fallen for this real scam.) It's costing us ALL money - more on this in a bit.

Listen - if all you want is to be rid of the daily chore of sorting through scams and filth to find emails from friends, family, and co-workers... you are definitely NOT asking for too much. There is a way to stop greedy Spammers from finding their way to your inbox. There is a way to stop Spam dead in its tracks.

All you need to do is educate yourself on the dangers of Spam - followed up by some real solutions to the problem.

Did You Know that Spammers Often Find Your Email Address Because Of Something YOU'VE Done?" Most people make it too easy for them without realizing it.

Computers have become an integral part of life for nearly everyone in the world. Ever since the induction of the internet, they have become very common place in most businesses and homes. Most people cannot even imagine their lives without their computers. They are used to run businesses, keep track of inventory, gather information, and to communicate with people from great distances.

Naturally one of the most popular reasons that people use the internet is to send emails to others. It is a free and easy way to talk to people that live far away. You can use emails to send letters, data files, and pictures. Everybody likes to get an email from their friends and family. However, emails have also become a popular tool that is used to advertise products and services.

As much as we like to receive emails from those that we enjoy hearing from, nobody likes to receive emails from people we've never heard of. These emails are called spam. We know how annoying it can be to receive spam in your email everyday and here are some tips to prevent them reaching your In Box: Email Filters - they can work very hard to keep your inbox from receiving spam, they can also prevent you getting a lot of your wanted emails as well. Visit and check they have a very good method of identifying inbound mail between spam and real email. I am using their service myself and I happy with it. Avoid accidentally sending spam to your friends and family.

You should never open an unsolicited email that you receive in your inbox nor click on the "un-subscribe" link, it is a big mistake if you do that because you will be opt-in to their evil list. You have to understand that spammers are really just playing a numbers game. They simply send out like a million emails and hope that at least a third of them stick. It's sad but it's true. Good day everyone.

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