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Become The Squeaky Wheel and Watch Your Business Skyrocket!

Providing high quality customer service is a must for any business to survive.

Following up on all contacts and leads is also crucial in order to increase your sales and client base.

If I had a nickel for every time I have had to remind a new client about the importance of following up...

The truth is, life can be hectic. A typical business day canevolve around numerous telephone calls, deliveries, new ordersand so on which can make following up on your days contactsrather difficult.

Add to the mix having to read and respond to email and youcompound your daily stress.

Life does not have to be this stressful. There is wonderfultechnology available to help ease your business workload andenable you to follow up on all of your contacts.

For starters, there are excellent auto-responder programson the market today that are not only easy to implement,but also very affordable and help you provide the type of customer service your clients want.

These autoresponders can be programmed to send more than one message or document to a contact at various time intervals. GetResponse is a wonderful autoresponder that I use myself. There are several autoresponders on the market in a range of prices that will fit nicely into your budget. Check out some of the autoresponders availalbe and see for yourself how they can benefit your business plan.

So start working IN your business, not on your business by using today's technology such as autoresponders to help make following up fast, easy and affordable.

One of the fastest ways to loose a customer or prospectiveclient is by not following up after a telephone call, emailnew order, etc.

You remember the old adage; "The squeaky wheel gets the oil"...Well, your business needs to be the "squeaky wheel" so tospeak. Keep you name fresh in your customer's and prospectsmind and they will be more likely to contact you when theyneed the high quality products or services that you provide.

Something as simple as a thank you note does wonders for acompany image as well as it's client base.

Don't think you have to personally handle all of your follow upcorrespondence yourself.

Out sourcing some of the work you currently do is not onlysmart, but also quite affordable.

One of the services many of my clients use is that of massmailings. After uploading my client's database to myweb service, all my client need do is email or phone mewith their request. Something as basic as a postcard isoften all that is necessary to keep in touch with theirdatabase of existing customers as well as new leads andprospects.

By staying in touch with your "Sphere of Influence" you willincrease referrals, sell more products and services as wellas improve your company image.

Notify your customers and prospects about something new ordifferent in your business. If you aren't currentlyoffering any promotions or sales, use the time of year as areason for your mailing.

So, start incorporating into your daily business practicesthe following:

1. Follow up on all telephone calls from prospective clientswith a short thank you note or postcard.

2. Follow up on all email contacts with autoresponders.

3. Mail to your entire database of customers (your "Sphere ofInfluence") every 4 to 6 weeks.

4. Mail to your prospective clients every 4 to 6 weeks.

Try these simply steps for yourself. Keep in touch with your "Sphere of Influence" and follow up on all your business contacts.

Become the "Squeaky Wheel" and watch your business skyrocket!

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