Work With The Search Engines - Dont try to Outsmart the Search Engines

Contrary to the claims of high-priced SEO firms, optimizing yourweb site for search engines is not brain surgery. But youmust first accept the fact that "spiders" - the search engineprograms that read web pages - run away from non-HTML code.This is why the first thing any SEO expert does - beforeresearching keywords or rewriting your copy - is look at yourweb site code.

If your web pages are full of Javascript, graphical navigationbuttons, Flash animation, and other glitzy stuff, your oddsof ranking high in the search engines sink like a stone.The spiders may never even find your site, let alone startadding your pages to their search results.

You say you just can't give up those cool Javascript menusor that glitzy Flash intro? Then be prepared to get shunnedby the search engines. Spiders are good at only two things:reading basic HTML and finding text. If your sites throwobstacles in their path, resign yourself to obscurity- and poverty!

The most important SEO secret you will ever grasp isincredibly simple. Your web site must be built so spiderscan read your text. The text is where the gold is.This means no Flash animations. Your HTML must be plainand clean. Your graphics must be kept to a minimum.And links should always be text - not Javascript buttonsor drop-down menus.

Millions of dollars are wasted trying to outfox thesearch engines. People everywhere scramble from gimmick togimmick to be #1 for a general search term like "weight loss."Sometimes they even manage to do it - for about 10 minutes.Then one little tweak by Google ... and they're back to #8,734.

The lesson? Neither you, nor any analytical tool,nor any automatic site submission service, nor any SEO guru,can manipulate Google for long! Google employs too manybrilliant engineers. Their minds collectively focus on onetask - to make Google results as relevant as possible.These people invent Google's algorithm - a mathematical formulathat decides your rank.

The algorithm is impartial. The algorithm is complex.The algorithm - not a human being - decides your page rank.Given the millions of web sites on "weight loss,"your odds of outsmarting the algorithm to get a #1 spotare ludicrously small. So instead of spending money onSEO gimmicks, invest in educating yourself so you can workharmoniously WITH the search engines.

Instead of trying to manipulate the search engines, build a sitethat doesn't FIGHT them. Avoid questionable gimmicks, butembrace search engine friendly techniques to get yourself rankedhigh for almost any keyword you wish. For more informationvisit DominateSearchEngines.Focus on strategies that help you save time, add real valueto your site, and are designed to work hand in hand withthe search engines.

Don't try to outsmart the search engines. Work WITH them,not against them.

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