How I Suddenly Stumbled Onto No.1 In Google and Yahoo Without Search Engine Optimization - So What?

Sometimes, the search engines act really strange. And thisstory will prove how I've got top positions (80% on no.1)into the major search engines - such Google, Yahoo!, MSN -without lifting a finger! What is REALLY strange? I did notoptimize my page!

But first allow me to give you some backgrounds. Couple oftime ago I buy a domain name and hosted into a very reliableserver. At that time I intended to build a mini-site arounda very powerful service which was released at that period.

I can't remember why at that time I was very busy. So I justwrite a simple page, insert a few links to the program Ipromote and upload it. Everything it don't takes me morethan 1/2 hours.

That was the beginning. The page stays there for around amonth. I remember I post 3-4 messages into some forums andlink them to my newest mini-site. That was ALL I can do atthat time. But one day I decided to make a little change.

I login to my hosting account and take a look at the stats.Surprise! I saw traffic from Google and Yahoo! What??? Ididn't submit my website to the search engines!

What the hell is going on?

I open my WebPosition Gold 2 software and check my website. Geez, my site was there, on no.1 for 3 keyphrases in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, and take no.1 through no.5 spots on other 2-3 major search engines.

I couldn't belive that was happening to my website, but theevidence was there. It was very hard to believe that I'vegot no.1 places into the search engine without doing alittle optimization. Because my friend, THAT page was NOToptimize for the search engines!

So I said to myself: "That won't last forever. I give oneweek and I'll saw my website going down because it has nosupport for all those positions!". Well, it didn't last aweek. After only 5 days, my website was vanish. Not a singleposition into the top 10, not even found on search engines!

OK, what it was it was. For only couple of days (perhapshours) I was on no.1 spots. It means that I can do it againIF I'll do everything by the book. Despite of generalopinion, search engine optimization it's not so hard. If youknow what to do, if you take your time to study the rightstuff and have patience, there's impossible not to rich theposition you desire.

That was fine, but I also plan to go into vacation with myfamily. It was on July, the weather was great, and we planthis vacation from a long time. My son dream about thisvacation, so I said, "Why not? Let's do it!" You know therest: spend a lot of time for making reservations, baggage,prepare the car for the trip, etcetera. Less time for me tobuild my website.

So I left my mini-site and going to vacation. Two weekslater when I come back, after settle down the things intothe house, I first check my emails. Oh no! - up to 300emails waiting for me. Check couple of them, get VERRY angry(you must read below website hosting story!) and then take aride to see my stats.

Total SURPRISE! My website was AGAIN on the no.1 for Google,Yahoo!, MSN... plus positions between no.1 and no.4 onothers!

This is my real story. If you spent some time on searchengines like I do it, you know this is weird. Not because Iwas again on top, it's weird I'll get to the top WITHOUToptimization.

Now let me tell you more about this page:

- total words: 864

- links to the affiliate program I promote: 4 (position themfrom middle to the bottom of the page)

- use the keyphrase mainly from middle to the bottom of thepage

- use only a ".gif" picture for my signature (no keywordsfor "ALT" tag)

- headers at the top of page: 3 (first use font size no.3,the next use H1, and the last H4 tag). NO keywords orkeyphrases inside!

- first appear of the keyphrase is on "word" no.100, thenext on no.283 (from 864!)

- number of times my keyphrase appear on the body of page: 5

- number of times my keyphrase appear on the links: 3

- my keyphrase is build on 3 words and a number

- no use of META tags

- layout: use 2 tables to design my page, one in other

- couple of short Java scripts at the bottom of page

- use six bullets on the middle of page, two P.S., and aline of copyright, address, and contact info at the bottomof page

- it was uploaded as a home/ index page, NO keywords into mydomain name

- I DID NOT announce this page/ website to the searchengines!

If I'm right, THIS is not an optimized page. And remember:depending on HOW people will search and what keywords/keyphrases will use, my competition is between 32 and2,750,000 and continue to grow!

I hope not a single SEO webmaster will read this issue.Because, in a way, it's outrageous! I didn't do anything todeserve this position. I know people try harder to get toppositions. They work a lot to optimize pages, to getrelevant links, build content to become search enginefriendly, and many other things.

This time it's not my case. But there is a hard lesson hereand I want to shear it with you. These days Netpreneurslikes a lot to build one page mini-sites. Those things worksand I prove it to you. Beyond the SEO problems and the no.1spots on major engines, there is something which only a fewpeople will ask you: "So what if you have a no.1position('s)?"

Most people will aspect a hoard of targeted visitors readyto use their credit cards to buy something they offer,probably their own product/ services or something from anaffiliate program or joint venture. Sometimes this iscompletely wrong! If your keywords are not "hot", chancesare that your no.1 spots will drive only couple of visitors.Not to mention sales...

The real Netpreneurs knows that. So if you want to build amini-site in the next days, think about how many people willcome and BUY what you promote. To help you, here's a 6 stepplan to build a profitable mini-site:

--> Step no.1: find a "dream" product or service with anaffiliate program (or joint venture partner) which pay well.

--> Step no.2: determine if you can use "hot" keywords topromote the program. Use a tool like WordTracker(, the best service on the Internet for such a job.

Find keywords/ keyphrases with low supply (littlecompetition) but have a higher demand (appear on manysearches around the 'Net).

--> Step no.3: get a relevant domain name and host it into areliable server (try to insert keyword into the name ofdomain, or think at something close to the product).

--> Step no.4: start building 3-5 pages (build a themearound the product), do SEO and announce your site to themajor search engines.

--> Step no.5: concentrate your efforts on getting linksfrom top related websites.

--> Step no.6: once you rich on top and get back yourinitial investment and something more, determine your ROIand start using pay-per-clicks search engines to boots yourprofits.

If you follow EXACTLY these steps, chances are that yourmini-site will jump on top of search engines and will REALLYdrive that particular targeted visitor eager to buy what youpromote! Otherwise, you will lamentably fail.

Final thoughts on my search engine story:

By all odds I regret my page is not what I first intend todo. Because, I have to tell you this, my page was just throwaway into the cyber-space! The idea was to have something onmy index/ home page until I build my website. Has NOTHING todo with my theme idea. That's why I NEVER think atoptimization.

But I don't regret too much that I'll have to delete itsoon. I learn something very useful: no matter how many toppositions you have on the search engines, unless you write avery compelling web page, chances are that you'll have poorvisitors. And poor visitors means no sales, no ROI.

(Chances are that, at the moment you read this article, my"magic" web page simply dropped from no.1 positions or Idelete it. So don't bother to spend time on find it. Youhave to believe me! And if you don't, I'll have to PROOF onmy computer, as a ".gif" picture.)

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