Got Spiders?

Many internet marketers blow mountains of start-upcash on their websites just trying to break into search engine rankings. I was one of these internetmarketers.

I spent cash on get-rich-quick submission servicesthat claimed they would submit my page to thousandsof seach engines. . .for a small fee. I spent moneyto get registered with big name search engines.I even spent money on search engine optimization services.

And then I waited. . .

I waited to see SOME response--any response--from allof this work I had done. I waited for the spiders to reach my pages and rank my page for everyone to see. I waited for my blown marketing funds to comeback to me in profits. . .

But they never did. The spiders took weeks. Thepage rankings were dismal. I was ready to give up.

And then I received this vital piece of informationfrom a fellow marketer: the more links you have onbigger websites, the faster your page is spidered. . .

That's right: Since search engines rank higher-PRsites more often, they will find your page a lot fasterif you get your link on a highly-trafficked website!

Not only will they find your site faster, but they willalso return to it faster and rank it for FREE. This is allin addition to receiving a huge PR boost for havinga link on a high-PR site.

So. . .

If you haven't done it already, slap some metatags on your site that are optimized for your content. Makesure you use keywords that are repeated multiple timesin the text of your website, so that your pageswill rank higher for relevency.

Now begin your hunt for high-PR websites to post yourlink on. You can start by going to google and searching for your specific service or product in quotes to find high-PR sites in your category.

You'll find out quickly that there are a number of waysto get your link on these websites. Some of them willagree to do a main-page link exchange for free. Otherswill allow you to submit articles along with a resourcebox that will give you a link on their website. And otherswont allow you to work with them at all unless you havespecial qualifications or a high page-ranking.

If you have a free product, like an eBook or some software, you can give away free downloads on a high-PR site. Justplace an ad on the site with a link back to your website,where they can receive the free download. You can findthese sites by googling phrases like "free contentdirectory."

There are plenty of ways to bring in traffic with searchengines without paying hefty registration fees. Start searching today. Find the big sites and get your link outthere!

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