The Write to Link Popularity

Incorporating writing as a means of boosting your link popularitycan be a turnoff for many webmasters, when in fact it can lead toa wealth of links.

I first learnt about link popularity while researching about many different methods that I could use to market a Geocitiessite I had. After emailing countless webmasters and receivingsome dismal results, I realized that it was hopeless to getpeople to exchange links with my freebie website.

Then I discovered writing. At first I was skeptical at using thisconcept but after trying it for some time, the results began toshow. What was wonderful is that it only cost me some of my time.

With the help of article writing I was able to achieve aPagerank of 4 for my Geocities website. The more webmasters thatarchived my articles the more links I had pointing to my site. Asa result of my growing link popularity I began to see my siteshow up on the first or second page for some relativelycompetitive search terms.

Using writing as a marketing tool can save you thousands inadvertising dollars. Imagine a website or ezine that costshundreds to advertise in and you have the feature article whichdidn't cost you a dime to produce. You can easily see whichgenerates more profit in the long run.

Through the power of the written word you can be able to get freepublicity for your business. Providing quality and profitable andsometimes inspiring information can help you to achieve thatgoal. Many top marketers have used writing to good effect.

Developing your own writing style is important. As there are manyothers doing the same thing you what to differ from them. How canyou stand out in a crowd if you are just like everyone else.

Practicing and researching helped me to put pen to paper for myfirst articles. Some of your first creations maybe a bit tackybut as long as you keep going you can improve.

Writing can be a task at times. There are moments when I havewritten the first two paragraphs and just get stuck. Theinevitable writer's block can be a challenge to overcome. Takinga break and getting into the right frame of mind can be helpful.

Can anyone become a writer? Well the answer depends on how much effort you put into it. I have had some wonderful experiencessince I became a writer. At times when there are criticisms andnegative feedback, they can help you to better your skills if youuse them the right way.

Many people don't like writing. But sometimes it is the thingsthat we don't enjoy doing that are most beneficial to us. Tryyour hand at writing, if a guy from a Caribbean island can do itthen so can you.

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