7 Search Engine Resources You Should Be Using Now

Ask any business person who's website is at the top of thesearch engines if his/her site is making money, and the answeris almost always "yes".

An example is Glenn Canady, the author of "Gorilla Marketing"who employed only one of these strategies, and it made him over$1 million dollars.

The fact is, search engines can get you an enormous amount oftraffic, and it's traffic to your sites that's free. However, inorder to ethically and effectively market in the search engines,you need to use strategies that actually work.

Below are three different ways to effectively, and ethically,raise your rankings in the search engines. I've included sevendifferent resources that you can use that will help youimplement these strategies, and do it quickly and easily so thatyou can begin to see an increase in your traffic almostimmediately.

1. Optimize your site. To make sure that you are properlytargeting your market, you need to make sure that you aremarketing using the right keywords. This means optimizing yoursite to make sure that the keywords you have on your site arethe keywords that your site is actually optimized for.

There are two tools that you can use to help you with searchengine optimization:

a. Search Engine Optimization Fast Start Ebook -http://www.seoresearchlabs.com/seo-book.php - will teach yousimple and effective techniques for optimmizing your site. Thisebook is now in its 4th edition, is completely up to date, andis one of the best ebooks I've seen on search engineoptimization.

b. Web CEO - http://www.smallbusinesshowto.com/search.html -This is a complete search engine optimization suite that offers10 different tools to help you optimize your site for the searchengines. It offers the most comprehensive, and step by step, setof instructions I've ever seen with any software package.According to the instructions, you can get started in one hour.The free version of this software will work for most, and italso includes a $97 search engine optimization course as part ofthe package.

2. Develop a linking strategy. One factor that influences howwell you are ranked in the search engines is linking. The moreinbound links that you have pointing to your site, the higheryou will be ranked in the search engines.

For each link that you have pointing back to you, that's anotheropportunity for your potential customer to find you. Withcredibility being such a big problem on the internet, to havesomeone recommend you increases your chance of making the sale.

To help you develop an effective strategy, I recommend that youread "Linking Matters" - http://www.linkingmatters.com/. Thisebook shows you how to develop an effective linking strategy foryour site, and do it very quickly.

3. Develop a content strategy. The truth is, "Content is King".Most people online are looking for information. The moreinformation that you provide for your customers, and the morevaluable it is, the more likely you will make the sale.

Below are three different ways to develop content for your site.

The first and most effective strategy are articles.

Articles actually work for you in several ways.

a. Brands you as an expert so that customers come to you. b.Provides valuable content to your potential customers. c. Buildsa relationship between you and your potential customers. d.Creates a viral marketing strategy for your site. e. Builds alinking strategy for you every time a webmaster publishes one ofyour articles.

No other strategy that I have employed has brought me morebusiness than this one.

To find sites that accept articles, go here:http://www.jogena.com. This is one of the sites that I usebecause it's one of the oldest, and most reputable sites onlinefor finding information on ezines. Unfortunately, there's nosearch, but everything is done by category, and the informationis comprehensive, so you will locate rather quickly what you arelooking for.

However, if the thought of writing your own content gives younightmares, there's a way around this.

You can use public domain information. Public domain informationis information that is free to use because it's in the publicarena, or the copyright has expired.

To help you easily locate this information, I recommend that youdownload the public domain toolbar. You can get it at the PublicDomain Forum - http://www.publicdomainforum.com/forum. You haveto register for an account to get the toolbar, but both theforum account and the toolbar are free. The toolbar is a verycomprehensive resource of public domain sources.

The third content strategy you need to consider is blogging.

What a blog does is allows you to create search engine friendlycontent on your topic of interest. Combine this with an RSSfeed, which the search engines love, and you have a winningstrategy.

Not only will it help you build content for the search engines,but it can also help you raise your traffic and sales.

Here is a comprehensive ecourse that you can take that willdrastically reduce your learning curve, as well as provide youwith the resources you need to implement this strategy.


Finally, to keep abreast of what's happening with searchengines, you need to subscribe to Search Engine Watch -http://www.searchenginewatch.com. This site offers tons ofresources, news, and a newsletter on search engine optimization.

Apply one, or all, of these search engine resources to yoursearch engine strategy, and you can expect a major increase inyour traffic and sales to your site.

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