1 Simple SEO Strategy To Get More Visitors To Your Site From Google

Did you know that you can dramatically increase the number ofvisitors that come to your site on a daily basis from Google?And it's not constantly improving your position in Google searchengine result pages(SERPs) for your competitive keywords whichcan take some time after working on your search engine marketingcampaigns.

I take this example from Google because I've experienced it sometime back now. Apart concentrating on getting and maintaininga top 10 ranking in Google, there are lots of easy trafficsources that you haven't exploited yet. We are still talkingabout search engine traffic here.

What's that strategy you ask? The answer might surprise you butit's a technique that works and is pretty legitimate. It's notcreating stand alone or doorway pages with practically nocontent, overly optimized with keywords and a link back to thehomepage. Doorway pages work but only if you know how to do itwell. And this article will talk a bit about this topic as well.

The strategy is to search for overlooked keyword phrases whichare not too competitive and create effective doorway pagesrelated to these keyword phrases. These pages can be promoting aproduct for instance.

Just by adding a few effective doorway pages, I managed to make9 sales in just a few short weeks and earned $364.59.

Imagine you come up with several keyword phrases that generatea few monthly searches, you now have several pages. So eachpage targeting a specific keyword phrase is worth trafficand not any type of traffic but it will be targeted.

So if you have one page which brings you only 1 visitor per dayand you have 50 pages, you can easily receive 50 visitors perday for free. You see the potential now.

Keywords that have about 1000 searches on Yahoo! SearchMarketing Solutions previously known as Overture athttp://inventory.overture.com/d/searchinventory/suggestionare valuable keywords with lower competition.

If you are using Wordtracker at http://www.wordtracker.com, akeyword with only 10 searches per day can get you a good rankingand bring you traffic.

If you have already a website which is generating traffic, youcan dramatically increase your numbers, simply by addingrelevant doorway pages targeting a specific keyword. Thesepages have content and have your optimized navigation menu onit with their specific keyword phrases. These pages are justan entry to your site nothing more nothing less.

They should not be overly optimized with keywords but theymust have some optimized content which is readable by yourvisitors and friendly for the search engines as well.

If you have a good website which is crawled by Google's robotcalled "Googlebot" often, your new pages will get spideredand indexed fast and will start bringing you small loads oftargeted traffic.

But be careful when adding pages, don't go in a frenzy withthis and add hundreds or even thousands of pages all of asudden. For eg if your site has 50 pages already indexed inGoogle and ranking well and you add 100 new pages at once,your indexed pages might suffer a temporary drop inrankings. The key here is to add pages on a regular basissay 1 or 2 pages daily until you reach the total number ofpages to be added.

Why not capitalize on this free source of traffic? The keyis to research your keywords well first, work on your contentand create these pages afterwards.

Your website will grow bigger and bigger with time and it willattract loads of targeted traffic from multiple keywordphrases.

Good luck and happy research and optimizing.

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