2 Powerful Ways To Capitalize on Your Search Engine Traffic

Many marketers know that search engine marketing is among one ofthe best methods to get visitors to their websites. It's aprofitable way to reach new subscribers and new customers.

But getting search engine traffic is only one of the first stepsto the doorway of incoming success. While getting top searchengine rankings will open the floodgates of targeted traffic,all this traffic is useless if your website visitors don't takeany action be it a subscription to your newsletter, a purchaseof your products or your affiliate products or any other action.

To capitalize on your search engine traffic, you need to be ableto convert those visits into at least one action. Of course, notall your visitors will do anything on your website apart readingany valuable content you might have or download any free stuff.This is also a good way to get repeat visitors which can leadto an action in the future.

Now is the time to concentrate on your website conversionstrategies which will be very crucial for success. In fact thisis the second most important aspect of Internet marketing aftergetting the initial traffic.

The formula is as follows:

=> Targeted Traffic: Good Conversion: Sales/Leads/Subscribers

Here are 2 powerful ways to capitalize on your search enginetraffic:

(1) Your Website Design Layout

Website design which does not seem that important is extremelycrucial to get success on the Internet.

Consider this, you visit a site which is very unprofessionalwith flashing graphics, poor navigation, slow loading time,getting you confused and gives you a feeling of mistrust.Your only action would be to click on the "Close" button atthe top of your browser. Now this site has already lost apotential customer or subscriber.

Or you visit a professional site this time, but you don't reallyknow what to do on the site. The reason is that the person whohas designed the site has not taken into consideration thevisitors like what he or she wants them to do once they arriveon their homepage or any other pages. Each page on your sitemust have an objective.

So one of the things that you need to do is to ensure that yoursite is as professional as can be ie has a friendly navigationmenu, fast loading and avoid unnecessary graphics wherepossible.

The other thing is you need to know beforehand what you wantyour visitors to do once they arrive on your professional site.When the traffic comes, the best strategy now is to tweak yourconversion and make testing often to see what works better foryou.

If you run a newsletter, you can place a subscription box onthe upper left or upper right corner of your site or if youhave some products to sell, you can display one or two onanother space. So when your visitors come to your site, eitherthey subscribe or buy one of your products. When any one ofthese actions is taken, your site is doing its job.

(2) Your Sales Page or Pre-sell Page

If you have affiliate products that you're promoting, the bestthing is to pre-sell those visitors, hence you have more chancesin making sales. It's like a personal endorsement.

If you have your own products, make use of the following:

(a) A powerful headline which catches attention and entices thevisitors to read more, meaning more chances in making sales.Use quotes in your headline. They have been proven to makeit more effective.

A headline like "Discover 3 Hidden Steps That You can Quickly& Easily Use to Start A Profitable Internet Business In LessThan 48 Hours" is an example of a catchy headline which can make the visitor stop dead in their tracks.

(b) Bullets to emphasize benefits of your product not features.Benefits sell. People want to know how your product can benefitthem.

(c) Real testimonials from other satisfied customers. Sometimesyou can get unsolicited testimonials which is good but whenyou don't, a good way to get testimonials is to offer yourproduct for FREE to experts so that they can review it andsend you their feedback.

(d) A professional banner which reflects your product and anybenefit that your product conveys.

(e) The use of other colors apart black. The color red catchesattention, green makes you think of money, blue soothes themind.

(f) Use sub headlines to break your mini-site sales copy intochunks of information to make it well organized and morereadable.

(g) Use power words to make your sales copy more effective.Words like discover, exclusive, proven, secrets, guaranteed,limited-time, results-fast, quickly, easily etc...are simplelittle words that can have a dramatic influence on your sales.

(h) Give bonuses or discounts for a limited-time. Put the priceof the bonuses and offer genuine discounts.

(i) Use a Post Scriptum(P.S) - This is used at the end of yoursales letter to re-state the product benefits and what willhappen if these people don't order today or how your productwill make their lives better.

(j) Be brave and put your own picture on your site. This seemsto be rather banal but putting your photo on your site makesyou more credible. Remember trust is important when doingbusiness on the Internet. People like to know they are dealingwith a real person instead of a machine.

(k) Use a clear call-to-action eg "Click here now", "Click herenow to take advantage of this limited-time offer" or "Click herenow to get your discounted copy". This is very important. Don'texpect your visitors to take action by themselves. If you havedone everything right and forget about including a strongcall-to-action, don't be surprised if you see your conversiondrop.

The AIDA principle

(1) Attention

(2) Interest

(3) Desire

(4) Action

should be implemented in any sales copy.

(l) State that all purchases are done securely on your site,hence inspiring trust. Include a picture of credit cards.

(m) Offer a guarantee and use a guarantee icon.

(n) Allow people to contact you by providing your personaldetails.

Working on your website conversion is fundamental to the successof your Internet business. Traffic without any type of action isworthless and when your conversion improves, you'll probably getmore results with the same number of traffic numbers simplybecause you know how to convert better.

So now, you have no excuse not to get more positive results withyour search engine traffic.

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