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Why you Must Secure your Digital Product and Thank You Web Page

A couple of years back, I paid my dues the 'hard way'.

Click Here To Defeat Evil

Microsoft routinely releases new security updates, many of which are given it's highest severity rating "critical". Here's a typical announcement:

Steganography ? The Art Of Deception & Concealment

The Message Must Get Through-----------------------------The year is 300A.D., and you're part of a war machine unlike anything the world has ever seen. You are a field General for the Roman Empire and charged with assimilating yet another non-Roman culture. Your current mission; get tactical information you've collected in the field to an outpost one hundred miles away. The land between you and the outpost is treacherous and filled with enemy. The information you've collected is critical to the success of the current campaign and must reach the remote outpost intact. This will call for ingenious deception.

Virus Nightmare..Lessons Learned

I got a virus the other day, Thursday I believe and since then I have been making FRANTIC efforts to save all my info.

Free Ways to Tackle Threats to Your Computer

Protect Your PC

Is Adware - Spyware Putting Your Privacy at Risk

Do you sometimes notice your computer running slower. Is your computer acting strange almost like its possessed? Well, it just may be plagued with Spyware. Spyware is a common term for files that are installed on your system without your knowledge. It allows companies to monitor your Internet activity. Believe it or not, Spyware is now the leading threat to our computers, and our online privacy. It?s ahead of viruses.

Consumers: Shop Online and Get Information Safely

Do you really have to know how feeds work? Not really. But you do need to understand how they can benefit you as a consumer or as an information seeker.

Phishing - A High Tech Identity Theft With A Low Tech Solution

Have you ever got an email asking you to confirm your account information from a bank or a company that you have never done business with? The email looks official and it even has a link that appears to take you to the company's website. The email you have received is actually from an identity thief. These crooks are hoping people that have an account with the business will click on the link and submit their account information for verification purposes. These thieves are phishing for account information. Phishing is a sophisticated way to lure you to phony websites where you voluntarily surrender your passwords and account information to identity thieves without realizing it.

What Can Be Done About Spyware And Adware

Having a good Spyware eliminator on your computer is vital now a days with all of the different Spyware, Adware, and other malicious computer parasites that are out there. Most of them are reasonably priced and very easy to use.

Phishing and Pharming: Dangerous Scams

As soon as almost all computer users already got used to -- or at least heard about -- the word "phishing", another somewhat confusing word appeared not long ago. Pharming. Does it differ from phishing -- and if yes, how?

Hacking the Body Via PDA Wireless Device

First I would like to stress I am condoning the art of hacking. Nor am I condoning the control and manipulation of the human race by way of frequencies interacting with the biological systems, which run the human body. We all know that the brain runs on chemicals and waves. We know from medicines, vitamins, alcohol, drugs and food intake that we can alter those chemicals. And most of us understand that brain waves are about allow for the process of cognition. The computers we use also run on frequencies which are use to hearing about for instance Pentium Chips running 1.2 GigaHertz. Cell phones run 800 MHz approximately. Also the power supply in a computer runs on a certain cycle creating another set of waves.

Is The Internet Over Regulated

Today's Internet or World Wide Web is being over regulated.

Keeping Worms Out of Your Network...

No auntie Sookie, not earth worms, computer virus worms that can get to you computer and slowly dig deep into your files and eat them away. Put that eggnog down and I'll tell you some more about these new worms.

Reclaim Your PC from the Internet Spies

Viruses are, however, not the only malicious software programs out there. The newest addition to the evil software family is the so called Spywares and a good anti-virus program or firewall is not enough to safeguard against these clever programs.

Identity Theft Article ? A Phisher Is Trying To Steal Your Identity!

Sooner or later everyone with an email account will receive a phishing attempt from some internet scammer. What is phishing? How can you protect yourself? These are some of the questions this identity theft article will provide, along with some free resources and practical advice on how to protect your online identity.

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