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Chili Recipe - A Red Chili Nightmare!

This chili recipe is, indeed, a really nightmare! Taste it only when curiosity becomes unbearable and courage is strong! :o)

Famous Secret Recipes Exposed!: Rosemary Chicken with Orange-Maple Glaze

Prep Time: 5 Minutes Cook Time: 30 Minutes Ready In: 35 Minutes

Rice Noodles with Tomatoes and Tuna -A Savoury Gluten-free Alternative to Pasta

Ok. I never thought that the day would come when I would sing the praises of a rice noodle. Let alone consider it a valid, gluten-free alternative to pasta. But I've come to understand and love the little blighters.

Easy Insalata Caprese

It's tomato time! If you're a gardener, you might be wondering what you can do with all those luscious tomatoes growing in your backyard right now. One of the easiest, yet most delicious, dishes to enjoy at the height of summer, when tomatoes are plentiful, is Insalata Caprese (named for the Island of Capri, Italy).

Try Truffles!

Want to serve an elegant, yet easy, dessert? Try truffles. The chocolate kind, that is. Not the fungi. These rich and creamy bite-sized indulgences are really quite simple to make. The secret is to buy the best chocolate you can afford.

Italian Recipes ? Top 3 Dinner Recipes That You Should Prepare Tonight!

If you are wondering what to prepare for dinner tonight, then you can always try these easy recipes. It?s quick and affordable.

Main Dish Zucchini Recipes

With summer coming to an end, you probably have an overabundanceof zucchini from your garden that you are trying to find recipesfor. Or maybe you know someone who is trying to find homes forall of their excess zucchini! You'd be amazed at all the mealsyou can create with zucchini. Here are just a few ideas.

Four Easy Zucchini Bread Recipes

Tired of the same old zucchini bread recipe and want to trysomething new? Here is a standard zucchini bread recipe inaddition to three variations your family is sure to love.

Simply Salads

?It is just sensible.?exclaimed my friend. She was referring to the large plates sitting in front of us loaded with everything imaginable. As though, it was sensible ingesting a mountain of lettuces, sliced boiled eggs, chunks of ham, shredded cheeses, tomatoes,avocado?s and bacon rinds smothered in a creamy salad dressing. To another friend, a salad and a soup was a lunch of supreme importance. Somehow, salads were a part of our meals and also our lives. From the simple varations of salad greens tossed with a classic vinaigrette to the more complex salad ingredients served with various blended or whisked salad dressings, salads are a compliment to any meal.

Dining With The Romans

Numerius was a slave and ate one meal a day consisting of gruelmade with cracked wheat.While Spurius a plebian purchased his meals from street vendors,food shops and taverns located nearlarge public buildings and bathhouses. Marius a patrician and amember of the Roman senate had the means and the influence toenjoy his meals that were cooked and served by slaves in one oftwo spacious dining areas within his home. Quintus a freedman lived in the country where he grew vegetables and raised somelivestock for an absentee owner. He and his family ate fresh produce, mashed beans, bacon and cheese that were cooked with fresh herbs, olive oil and salt.


Different cultures have their own way of taking some water and mixing it with an all-purpose flour, a rice flour, a wheat flour and adding either barley, buckwheat,soybeans,seaweed or tapioca.After combining whatever ingredients are used with the type of a chosen flour, they work the dough on a floured surface, roll the dough out and let it dry. Until, it is ready to be hand cut or hand pulled into whatever shape of a noodle that is desired. The finished noodle product is dropped into a hot chicken,a hot beef or a hot vegetable both from three to five minutes depending upon the noodle's thickness. After the noodles are finished cooking, they are left in the broth for a few moreminutes. The results are something of a phenomenon.

Paella, The Most Famous Spanish Dish

First of all, paella is not exactly the dish but the recipient this typical plate is cooked in. We all have seen the paella pan before when visiting Spain or browsing the net for paella recipes

A Victory Garden

In the early nineteen forties,women shopped with ration stampsthat limited the amount of groceries they bought in order tosupport the war effort. To supplement the their meager rations,they grew vegetable gardens in spare plots of land and also intheir own back yards. Neat rows of lettuce, tomatoes, yellow waxbeans, green onions, cabbage and yellow squash were plantedeverywhere. Since the ingredients for the meals depended uponwhat was available in the cupboard and the garden, the homecooks really had to stretch their imaginations.

English Cucumber Sandwiches

Have you tried English cucumbers yet? They're a little different from the regular garden cucumbers usually found in grocery stores and at farmer's markets, although they look almost the same. The main difference is English cucumbers have a thinner skin (so they're better for slicing and they don't have to be peeled) and fewer seeds than garden cucumbers. Another difference is that English Cucumbers are wrapped in plastic wrap (instead of a wax coating) to maintain freshness.

Sauted Family Bean Curd

Family bean curd is Sichuan's famous characteristic dish. Its main ingredient is bean curd.

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