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Eds Poem

Ed Gallagher Dec. 11, 1907 - Sept. 5, 2004

This poem was written for Ed Gallagher, a good friend and neighbour on the day his wife called me to let me know that he was in the hospital and wasn't expected to live. I was asked by the family to read this at the gathering after the funeral service and copies were given to all his family members.

It is important to recognize that we will miss our loved ones, despite the fact that they have lived to a good age, and especially when they die young.

People will sayThat you lived a good lifeYou had many years With your kids and your wife.

You lived a good lifeYes, it is trueBut that doesn't mean We won't miss you.

The sound of your voiceThe pace of your step,These are thingsWe won't forget.

Your years on the farmWere not spent in vainYou raised quite a crewThrough your toil and strain.

Though your sight and your hearingHad begun to dimYour mind was as sharpAs a tack or a pin.

Your head was filledWith all kinds of factsSports, people, farming,Living life to the max.

When I came to visitYou expected a hugAnd a simple kissOn your smiling mug.

The light in your eyesWhen you talked with a friend,Those are the memoriesThat will never end.

You will be missedOf that there's no doubtAnd we'll think of you oftenWhen we're out and about.

Or when we are watchingA game on tvAnd hear them announcingHe scores, or strike three.

You lived a good lifeYes that is true.But that doesn't meanWe won't miss you!

copyright September 2004

Fran Watson"Expert Author"http://www.franwatson.cahttp://www.mormunny4u.org

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