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The Artful Dog Shopper

I am a dog lover by nature. I have just alwaysloved the little four legged fur balls.

Another thing I have always loved is animal art.It could be photographs, paintings, statues or evendog cartoons.

I don't really know why I like them, but I do. I'venoticed there are a lot of other animal art lovers outthere too. It seems to be a natural connection.

People with children often have a ton of pictures ofthier children. People with pets are not that different.They see the beauty in animals and want to have itto look at.

So how can we take this knowledge and turn it intoa great gift idea? Well, there are a few different thingsthat come to mind here.

One I like is getting a great picture of the dog youlove and converting it to a black and white picture, thenframing it and putting an inscription on the frame.

Now this can be done from you to the pet owner, onbehalf of the dog, with something like. "John, I'll alwaysbe your loyal friend. Love, Rocky."

Or if it's for you, you could put something like, "This is my faithful watch dog, Bessie."

Or, if you have lost your beloved companion, as we did last year, you could write something like, "In lovingmemory of Lucky. The best bird dog a guy could have."

In either instance, you could certainly put whateveryou think suits the receiver best, those are just someexamples.

Our favorite picture is of our late but beautiful yellowLabrador, Lucky. She was out in the field with myhusband one day and had been searching and searchingfor a mallard lost in the tules.

When my husband was ready to give up and callher back, she brought in one of the prettiest birdsyou ever saw, and she was so proud. The picturewas snapped and now is forever matted in the mostappropriate frame: A ceramic model with a yellowdog chasing some flying mallards.

Go get 'em, Lucky.

Tina Spriggs

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