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Old Fashioned Flea Control

Fleas have plagued dogs, cats, and their owners since timebegan so ways to kill or repel them has been a constantsearch. Today, with the shake of a can, the spray of abottle, or a flea dip fleas are more easily controlled. Butbefore these controls were available, pet owners wereconstantly on the lookout for a better way to free theirpets of these disease carrying insects.

The flea can cause many illnesses including anemia,tapeworms, typhus, and skin infections, according toveterinarians. The National Institutes of Health says thatbubonic plague was, and still can be, transmitted by fleas.Rocky Mountain Fever and Lyme Disease are the most commonillnesses caused by fleas. The last two diseases werethought to be transmitted only by ticks.

Common foods and herbs were used to help keep pets flea-free. Brewer's yeast, sprinkled onto the dog's coat likeflea powder is today, was used as a deterrent. Unlike fleapowders, it wasn't harmful to the dog if the dog licked thebrewer's yeast off. Internally, the yeast fortified thehealth of the dogs skin because it is high in B-vitamins.Keeping the skin healthy is necessary for good control offleas.

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