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Hiking Safely on the Hills


Backyard Camping Trip

Are your kids begging you to take them camping, but you just can?t find the time to take them on a camping trip? Or would you like to introduce your kids to the fun of camping for the first time, but aren?t sure if they will enjoy it, or might get scared? Either way, camping out in your backyard will be a fun way to spend the evening and night with your kids.

The Benefits of One Day Hiking Trips

Do you like to take one day hiking trips? Do you want to takehiking trips on trails near your home? One day hiking tripshave a number of advantages. They are great for therecreational hiker. Minimal hiking gear is required and you cantake pleasure in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Short day hikes are also a beneficial form of exercise. You cancontrol your speed and terrain elevation. One day you can focuson endurance over flat trails while another day can be spentsprinting and climbing up steeper terrain.

Dancing With Whales

We've all heard about whalewatching from boats or shore, and a few companies are now offering the possibility of actually swimming and snorkeling with whales in the wild. Is this a good thing?

Hiking from Your Own Home

Picture this. You are stuck at home knee deep in householdchores. Your mind wanders from taking out the trash to hikingon a scenic trail with heart pumping terrain. You are an avidhiker and yearn to strap on your hiking gear and hit the trails.Unfortunately, a hiking trail adventure is not in the cards foryou today, but you can find the next best thing by logging ontoyour computer.

Take a Hiking Pole on Your Next Hike

It is the downhill ski racing competition of the winterOlympics. You watch a ski racer zoom down the slope manoeuvringthrough the ski gates. However, you notice that something ismissing. The skier has on skis, boots, and a giant slalom skintight racing suit. You realize what?s missing when their armsflail about causing them to lose their balance on a patch ofice. They are missing their ski poles.

Gambling Isnt the Only Thing to do in Las Vegas

Do you think the only thing to do in Las Vegas is gamble? Wouldyou believe that there are a multitude of great hiking trails ina place where all-you-can-eat casino buffets are par for thecourse? Southern Nevada is chock full of great hiking trailsready to be discovered. Hiking areas near Las Vegas include: Red Rock, Mt.Charleston, Lake Mead, and the Eastern Sierra. These hiking trails are interspersed between canyons, mountains,chutes, and gullies.

Join the American Hiking Society

Have you taken up hiking as a new form of family recreation? Are you a serious hiker that spends hours on challenging trails?Do you want to find a way to become more involved in hikingacross the nation? Hikers of any background will want to checkout the ?American Hiking Society?. This society is an allianceof local hiking clubs and provides a wealth of resources andactivities for hikers of any background.

Hard Labor Creek State Park Earned Its Name

One afternoon during a trip across the country in our fifth wheel, we were racing the sun to an RV park before sunset. We were driving through Georgia and convenient RV parks near the highway were sparse. Hard Labor Creek State Park was near our path and reachable before dark.

San Diego Beach Hikes ? Cardiff to Carlsbad

San Diego offers a bevy of interesting hikes. With the average home price being around $500,000, they better be interesting!

Yachats, OR: An Outdoor Lovers Paradise on the Oregon Coast

There is something about a town tucked between the mountains and the sea. Often, it feels like one has reached the far end of the world when he or she arrives in a place like this. Some well-known examples are Bar Harbor, Maine and Big Sur, California. I have been to Bar Harbor and nearby Northeast Harbor, and indeed, these towns do have a special feel to them, with beautiful mountains on one side and sparking ocean on the other.

Wal-Mart Camping And Other Free Places

"Do you know about Wal-Mart camping?" We didn't know, but the old man at the campground in Florida insisted WalMart not only allowed RVs and vans to park overnight, but encouraged it. "Free camping," he told us, and we didn't wait long to take advantage of this new knowledge.

New Technologies in Camping and Outdoor Clothing Enhance the Outdoor Experience

Camping is an excellent way to explore and experience the outdoors. The weather needn?t be an obstacle to what sorts of climates and places you might trek to. Outdoor clothing has become incredibly innovative in its designs and features, allowing the adventurous at heart to know no limits. Following is information all outdoor enthusiasts should read before investing in outerwear.

Camping - Get Those Tents Up!

Have you ever thought you might like to try a totally different vacation? Is the cost of your vacation this year a problem? Did you know that a week long Camping Vacation for a family of four can work out to under a $1000.

Kenya Safari Top Five National Parks

The Kenya safari circuit is one of the best in Africa containing national parks and game reserves that consistently provide great wildlife sightings and experiences coupled with high quality accommodation.

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