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Management Development - Micromanagement Works!

Getting into the detail of everything each of your people does, will really damage your relationships with them. Sure, there are times where their hand needs to be held, and then there are times when you have to be sensitive enough to their needs to back off and let them learn for themselves.

Indeed, sometimes you have to brace yourself, but that's how a child learns, from getting things wrong ? so it's OK to step away and let it happen.

However, if you have your nose in everyone else's work, you are going to have no space to do the managing, because it will be filled with doing!

It will lose you staff and exhaust you. You cannot and must not do it.

So, what's this about, 'Micromanagement Works' I hear you ask?

Well micromanaging works if you micromanage yourself. By getting into the detail of just what you do, how often and why, you will find out some nasty dirty habits that need to stop.

Looking at them from someone else's point of view (ask someone, anyone!) sometimes works well - as does sitting down with yourself and finding out what problems keep coming up, time and time again.

Then do something differently - because there is an old adage that says that 'if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results'.

Micromanaging yourself will ensure that you really get into the detail of what you need to change - and then try something new. Watch or even ask others about how they are successful and give it a go.

The important thing here is that you might want to checkout the what of 'what you do' and see if it can be improved upon.

Really dig deep on this one and you will find some interesting challenges to your existing ways of working - but you have to be brave and honest about it or you will stay doing the same, with the same...well, you know the rest, don't you!

Once you start, you will see more and more little things you do, that could be changed, step-by-step.

Starting change with yourself shows the way and generates an inner belief that you can make a difference - even with things that have been a challenge in the past.

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