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The Art of Motivation and Need Fulfillment

Industrial/clinical psychology and applied psychiatry have made tremendous strides in understanding human behavior. New discoveries and applications toward understanding human behavior are being announced with increasing frequency in these inexact sciences. Still, it is possible to become reasonably proficient in the art of motivating others. While this skill is indeed complex, the average supervisor, through a comprehensive understanding of motivational elements (the dynamics of motivation, motivators, and motivational techniques), can become an effective leader of others in the workplace. With patience and applied practice, this skill can be obtained within a relatively short time span.

Reasonable need fulfillment is central to motivation. As mentioned earlier, motivation can be defined as an individual's desire to do something based upon a need. Motivation is a complex process, since some needs are real while others are merely perceived. Furthermore, most needs are never completely fixed, but vary in intensity and duration depending upon both the outlook and perception of the individual at a particular moment. Lastly, most people's needs are affected not only by their personal lives but also by factors originating from the workplace. Motivating others is challenging. Yet being able to do this is one of the primary responsibilities of a first-line supervisor, and hence a vital area of concern for managers.

Keep in mind the fact that there are-

DIFFERENT KINDS OF NEEDS: 1. Some needs are definitely short term, hence easily satisfied. 2. Other needs are long term, and thus more difficult to fulfill. 3. Need levels and their degree of intensity vary greatly among individuals. 4. Need levels rarely remain fixed throughout a person's life span. 5. Need satisfaction (fulfillment of needs) is a constantly changing, dynamic process. 6. The perception of needs is highly personal. What one individual perceives as a need may not be regarded as such by another.

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