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Team Motivation - Tough Enough to Care

Sir Alex Ferguson has just celebrated his 1000 game incharge of Manchester United, probably the world's mostsuccessful soccer team.

I have a great deal of respect for Sir Alex as a manmanager. However, I always feel that he's misrepresented inthe media. The press portrays him as this big, bad, angryguy who manages his team by aggression, bullying, shoutingand throwing teacups and football boots around the room.

I don't think there's any doubt that he does get angry whenhis team aren't performing but there's another side to hispersonality that people don't see or don't want to see. AsPeter Schmeichel the ex Man United goalkeeper said in arecent newspaper article - "The kind and understanding sideto his personality is something people outside United don'tsee. Fergie can be explosive, yet once he'd got a problemout into the open and dealt with it, it was gone. He neverbore grudges. One minute he'd be furious, the next he'd ask- How's your family."

I've spent many years studying successful managers whetherthey're in business or in sport, trying to establish whatmakes the good guys so good. I have absolutely no doubt inmy mind that these managers and coaches know: 1 - How to doall the business parts of the job 2 - How to do all thehuman parts of the job

Successful managers and business owners know that to get thebest out of their people they need to concentrate on thehuman interactions and make that emotional connection.

They've discovered that you must be "tough enough to care."

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